Charities, homemade meals, and day-of help: SoKind is a wedding registry of a seriously different flavor

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Alternative charitable wedding registry
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There are a lot of options when it comes to online wedding registries, and most are awesome. But when you run across one like SoKind, it's pretty much love at first sight. A lot of our readers are more attuned to not acquiring a bunch of stuff, more attuned to recycling and charitable giving, and more attuned to being generally more, well, offbeat in their opinions on gifting.

The big, huge, major difference between other registries and SoKind is that SoKind is focused on these readers — the ones who want to make sure their guests have gift-giving choices that match their values. Plus, SoKind is a project of the Center for a New American Dream, which means it's a non-profit and you can feel super good about supporting them, just like we feel awesome partnering with them.


What does that mean, you ask? Think a registry with options for charitable donations, child care, household help, cooking lessons or homemade dinners, volunteer hours for an organization, carbon offsets, handmade artwork, day-of event help, and even secondhand gifts. You're opening up all kinds of options for folks who can't afford a gift, want to donate their skills, or just don't want to be beholden to a list on a big box store. It's seriously a whole new world of wedding gifting.

You'll still have the option to include physical gifts and experiences on your SoKind registry, but boy does this add options and help foster your community of people who are focused on more of what matters to you and to them, and less of what doesn’t. Check out this sample registry and these gift ideas to see what other options are available.


Let's take a look and see what other folks are saying about their experiences with SoKind to give us some first-hand info:

“I wish you all knew how much we appreciate what you are doing. Because of you, we had a wedding with over 125 guests and we only got a handful of physical gifts (unwanted ones, actually), because we are marrying in our 40s and have previously established households. Instead, through the SoKind Registry, we were able to create ways for people to give to us and celebrate that saved us money, made our day special, and deepened our sense of community. The SoKind Registry helped build the day we dreamed about, reflecting our values and the world we dream about.”


“This is EXACTLY what I wanted. My fiancé wants "stuff" but I would like handmade items or a gift to our honeymoon fund or a charity donation in a loved one’s name. This seems like it can combine it all and still be sweet and classy!”


SoKind-logo-square-500x500SoKind has a free option and a premium option with additional features. You can even continue to use the registry for other celebrations like babies and housewarmings. You can find out more about them, and of course sign up, over here. We felt a serious kinship for this charity-focused registry and think you just might as well.

  1. This is so cool! What an awesome idea. I would have loved to have something like this when I was getting married.

  2. We're using SoKind for our wedding later this month. Neither of us wanted a registry, but being from old-school Midwesterners it seemed like something we couldn't get out of. We have maybe 15 items, including two charities, a honeymoon fund, and homemade goodies. We also have some traditional stuff on there (sheets, towels) for the more old-school minded. SoKind was super-easy to use, allowed me to password protect the registry, and offered all the options for gift-giving we wanted (and more)! Highly recommend.

    1 agrees
    • Seconding this! We have really enjoyed using SoKind — being able to see things in real-time and update/add/change as we go is wonderful, and it's extremely easy to add whatever you like.

      1 agrees

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