Their Celtic, blue-moon wedding marked the 24th anniversary for these two brides

June 9 | mswolfgang  
Photos by: Sarah Beck Photo
Photos by Sarah Beck Photo

Dee and Deb had already been together for 24 years when they married in upstate New York on the night of a literal blue moon. That just blows my mind. Twenty-four YEARS. Time flies — this August will mark another two years since their wedding! The couple kept things very simple, purchasing rings, clothing, and a few items for the ceremony online. The ceremony itself looks fascinating, with rituals that involved sharing drinks from a chalice, a handfasting, and jumping the broom. Dee and Deb shared an intricate cake, showcasing phases of the moon, and a toast to cap the intimate occasion.




















Broom: Broom Chick • Chalice: Demeter's Closet • Dress: Camelot Costumes • Florist: NH Woods Creations • Officiant: The Reverend Lisa Kay • Photographer: Sarah Beck Photo • Rings: Mika Scott • Venue: Fern Lodge

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  1. How beautiful! SO much symbolism and sweetness! Wishing the couple many, many more years of happiness!

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  2. That Cake! It makes my heart so happy! Beautiful! May you be blessed with many, many more years together!!!

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  3. so inspiring! And I love love love that they got married on a blue moon – how absolutely perfect!

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  4. That is one beautiful wedding with two amazingly happy looking (and I assume happy) people! One minor clarification on the cake – that design is a very common symbol of the goddess – the trinity represents both the moon phases and the triple goddess (maiden, mother, crone). If you look closely, the shorter of the brides is wearing the same symbol on her necklace.

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  5. Absolutely gorgeous and something all of us brides to be should be very inspired with a lasting love and beautiful commitment to each other. All the Best for your next 24 years together thank you for showing us how it's done!

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