The Holman Ranch Vineyards & Winery is the rustic chic venue of your wine country wedding dreams

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Photo by Charlie Statsky.
Photo by Charlie Statsky.
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Tucked away in the rolling hills of Carmel Valley, California, our sponsor, the historic Holman Ranch Vinyards and Winery, provides the magical rustic-chic setting for your offbeat wine country wedding. With its charming gardens, stunning mountain views, and serene environment, this private estate's old-world charm will make your guests feel like they've wandered into a turn-of-the-century swashbuckling romance novel — but with less bodice ripping and more wedding vows (unless you're doing a bodice ripping ceremony which would be AWESOME).

Wanna hear some awesome name-drop-y history? The estate served as an exclusive hideaway for many Hollywood celebrities including Charlie Chaplin! Now do you wanna hear how Holman Ranch is going to rock your wine country wedding? Even on a smaller budget?

Of course you do…

Photo by Charlie Statsky.
Photo by Charlie Statsky.
Since Holman Ranch was established back when California was still part of Mexico, this gorgeous venue has a lof of classic Spanish-style influences, like the hacienda nestled in a stand of mature oaks, nicknamed "Casa Escondida" or "Hidden House." Along with the hacienda, this venue is chock full of awesomeness: overnight guest rooms, vineyards, olive grove, and horse stables! Any horse-lovers in the house? Even on your wedding day, you can get your fresh hay fix and some warm fuzzy horse muzzles — on Holman Ranch it's just a private-walk-with-your-new-partner away!

holmonranch10But let's look past the beautiful views and grounds for a moment, and talk about Holman Ranch's inner beauty… these guys are extremely accepting of ALL offbeat couples. Just look at their sweet invitation to all same-sex couples looking to book a wedding at their venue! Holman Ranch welcomes all cultures and customs — from traditional religious ceremonies, to unity sandwiches. Or, as they put it, "At Holman Ranch it is all about culture, family, traditions, cuisine, and community."

Speaking of cuisine… Imagine dining with all your loved ones in THIS setting. I would never want that dinner to end!
Speaking of cuisine… Imagine dining with all your loved ones in THIS setting. I would never want that dinner to end!
With that view, those grounds, and all the fantastic photo locations, you may be thinking to yourself "Holman Ranch can't possible be in my budget." To that I say: Oh ye of little faith. Holman Ranch doesn't just love same-sex couples and multi-cultural events; they've got love for your economical budget as well. They have packages starting at $1000, and special deals for weekday weddings.

Photo by Scott Campbell.
Photo by Scott Campbell.

If you and your bridesmaids are wearing cowboy boots… If you and your partner want incredible locations to shoot your wedding portraits… If you want nothing but to dine under the stars with your favorite people on earth… And if you want the rustic chic wedding venue that'll make you feel like you need to start start ripping your bodice with joy… then you need to book Holman Ranch!

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  1. This is just gorgeous. I love the Vineyards theme, it's rustic but very beautiful. I could imagine to get married there, although I might not be able to afford it ;-). It must be so nice in the evening with little tea lights and lanterns as a decoration. Love it. Wondering if you would be able to let Chinese lanterns fly in the evening? That would look so beautiful.

    1 agrees

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