Karina & Murray's monocles and Mario wedding

Photos by David Long

The Offbeat Bride: Karina, Owner and Professional Fitness Nut

Her offbeat partner: Murray, Communications Coordinator

Date and location of wedding: The Metro Hall in New Westminster, BC — September 25, 2011

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We're not traditional types. I proposed to Murray. My mom made a beautiful display of 1000 origami cranes. I made origami flowers as wedding favours. I wore a red dress, purchased online at modcloth.com. We purchased white roses wholesale, and my best friend made bouquets and arrangements. Murray wore Mario star cufflinks, a top hat, and monocle. He also designed and created Mario Kart-themed wedding invitations.

Vegan dessert buffet

I made all the desserts for the buffet myself (and they were all vegan). There were cupcakes that matched our colors, cookies, and all kinds of goodies.


Tell us about the ceremony: We personalized our vows, and I included some details about how we met…

Murray, I feel incredibly lucky that I get to marry the loving, intelligent, and amazingly good-looking man I met on Granville Island five years ago. I would, in a heartbeat, still pay $5.15 for a coffee drink just to say, "hi" to you.

I promise to always make you my first priority.
I promise to treat you with respect, kindness, affection, and humour.
I will endeavour to be the best partner I can be for you.
I promise to love you 'til I croak.


Father of the bride

My funniest moment: Perhaps the last line of my vows: "I promise to love you 'til I croak." Got some laughs!


My advice for Offbeat Brides: You can support other offbeat non-traditional types by purchasing handmade goods from sites like Etsy.com. It's great to be able to go against the grain and to support small, single-person or family-owned businesses.

Make donations to a cause you support instead of creating wedding favours. In the same vein, you can have guests donate to charities instead of giving you gifts!

Don't be afraid to mix 'n' match themes into your wedding. Monocles and Mario Kart somehow seemed to work well for us!


What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding? In the end, nobody gives a shit whether the napkins matched the colour scheme or whether the fruit platters looked just right. Even the bride and groom won't remember those details. What we do remember is having amazing friends and family supporting us as we start our lives together!


Care to share a few vendor/shopping links?

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn!

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  1. My jaw dropped when I saw that dress! And the rest of the pictures are just as stunning. I love the atmosphere you've built here. Plus the awesome vows.

    4 agree
  2. May I have one of those delicious cupcakes? My mouth is watering as I look at the picture of them.

    2 agree
  3. Hello from another Karina who spells it properly. Love it all! I especially hope to know where you got your amazing gloves! Congratulations on a charming and lovely pairing!

    1 agrees

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