The shoes I wore to my wedding: Camper!

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Camper Shoes WeddingWeek after week I do these shoe posts full of shoes I've never worn. But what about the shoes I actually wore to my wedding? Wedding shoes I can actually vouch for first hand?

My friends, I was married in a pair of used Camper Shoes I bought off eBay. They were their "twins" style, which meant they didn't actually match, with a flower on one shoe, and leaves on the other. They were awesome and I still have them. Pro-tip: you can still find some crazy deals on Campers on eBay.

In the spirit of my own wedding shoes, I thought I'd round up a few of my favorite current Camper styles. Sadly, in the years since my wedding, Camper style has toned down somewhat… but they're still pretty sweet. These tend more towards the casual/comfort shoe end of the spectrum, so if they're not a fit for your wedding, perhaps you need some walking shoes for your honeymoon, hmmmm?

Camper - Right Nina - 21595 (Orange) - Footwear
Camper - Diana 21757 (Light Grey) - Footwear
Camper - Kim - 21241 (Red) - Footwear
Camper - Right Nina - 21735 (Red) - Footwear
Camper - Peu Circuit - 21723 (Light Grey) - Footwear
Camper - TWS Casi Casi - 21789 (Light Red/Orange) - Footwear
Camper - Allegra - 21748 (Caramel) - Footwear
Camper - Right Nina - 21595 (Bone) - Footwear
Camper - Diana 21757 (Black) - Footwear
Camper - Agatha - 21860 (Purple) - Footwear
Camper - Micro Sandalia Tiras Cruzadas - 21743 (Bone) - Footwear
Camper - Beetle-46397 (Black Leather) - Footwear

Random bonus shoe

I'm freaking out over the sparkly crystals along the heel!
Mystic - Oxblood Suede

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  1. These all look very pretty, but are there any posts on barefoot weddings? I went barefoot down a hardwood floor of an old church in the mountains of Georgia and wore a beautiful barefoot sandals I found online. I've had people ask me where I found the inspiration and I want to lead them here but have no clue what articles you guys have for that. Thanks!

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  2. OMG! I wore Campers at my wedding too! Campers are the only shoes I've found that fit my wide, short feet and flex enough (I'm barefoot most of the time and hate normal shoes). One pair of mine is 10 years old and still going strong. Expensive, but worth it.

    Also I credit my Campers with saving my foot from more trauma when it got run over by a big SUV. Since my foot was so low to the ground (the ballet style campers), my foot didn't get ripped off or my ankle twisted, and the toe box was wide enough that the bones had room to spread out. There was a lot of bruising, but no broken bones. My wedding shoes now have tire marks on them 😀 #badassshoes

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