Bridesmaids: the movie

I can't say if this movie's gonna be any good or not. In fact, I was FULLY skeptical upon seeing that it was yet ANOTHER wedding comedy. BUT! What I do have to say is…

    • Kristin Wiig
    • Maya Rudolf
    • Chris O'Dowd (*drool*)
    • Judd Apatow
    • Paul Feig (think Freaks and Geeks)

So, Coco and I watched the trailer, and we LOL'd all the way through it. This looks promising. I also added puppies and John Hamm to my list of things I'm excited about.

I think a lot of us can relate to the whole "accepting the job of bridesmaid without really knowing what may be expected of you" thing. Ooh, plus I think you guys are going to like the list of bachelorette party ideas, "lady Fight Club" being my favorite.

Here, see for yourself…

It just might inspire you to, either, make your bridesmaid's job easier. Or, perhaps, even showing them exactly what you expect with an awesome (and totally sane!) bridesmaid contract. Maybe you should just reference Ariel's bridesmaid advice before perusing our entire tag dedicated to the ladies (and sometimes men) who've got your back.

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  1. You should also totally be excited about Melissa McCarthy, because she is way hilarious!

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  2. I just wish the poster (and conceivably the movie) didn't subscribe to the notion that fat women apparently need sleeves more than everyone else. Why can't the plus size bridesmaid just wear the same dress as the rest of teh posse?

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    • Hey you never know, that might be part of the plot.

      Although I have heard from a lot of women (in both wedding and non-wedding contexts) that they want/'need' sleeves because they're bigger gals and don't like the way their arms look uncovered.

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    • Or that fat women need to be total boors and exceptionally dowdy and, for some reason, constantly wanting to grease up and wrestle.


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    • Did you notice that she also has a longer skirt? And she's the only person whose body is cropped? Bah…she's super cute and I like her outfit better than the other girls' anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • This is one of the absolute best movies I have ever seen. I do not appreciate the crassness that some may, but I can certainly bear it for this hilarity!!!!

    • Melissa McCarthy asked for the sleeves – she admitted so in an interview. She felt it would better represent her character and how women her size would probably have asked, though she did further admit that she is fully comfortable with her body.

  3. I work at David's Bridal so I see all shapes and sizes of women come though. Most of the bigger BMs want sleeves, but a bigger bride doesn't always care. Its all about the confidence to rock your dress. Go for it.

    This movie looks fun. I like that its trying to be a wedding movie, but from a different angle. It's not about the bride and groom you know?

  4. Goddamn I love Kirsten Wiig. This looks awesome… It's like an OBB getting stuck in a onbeat wedding.

  5. Gotta say, I was psyched when I saw the cast and offended when I watched the trailer. I love pretty much everything Judd Apatow touches, but based on the two minutes of clips, it looks like he's pretty much just cast six different awesome actresses to play six different grating female stereotypes. Also, I'm not so into movies that reinforce the idea that being involved in a wedding is a horrible experience.

    But…I still really, really want to like it!

    • Kristen Wiig wrote the movie, so she does get a big chunk of the credit as for how the movie portrays women.

      • also, from the trailer of the hangover it would appear to be just a gross-out humor movie but it's oh so much more. hopefully this one follows suit and the trailer is just to get asses in seats.

  6. I've found that Judd Apatow trailers tend to appeal to the lowest common denominator, but that the actual movies are a bit more thoughtful, intelligent, with some heart. I'll reserve judgment until I see the film in its entirety.

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  7. I love Judd Apatow! I think this will be a fun movie to see my with bridal party! woohoo!

  8. I take a different view of Judd Apatow: his earlier movies were hilarious but everything after "Knocked Up" was not (and even 'Knocked Up' bothered me in some places – I felt some parts of it were rather glib towards women and mildly sexist towards both genders). I really hated 'Funny People'.

    I get the feeling this movie will be both things: a grating cliche of female and wedding stereotypes AND, despite that, funny in parts.

  9. OMG! THANK YOU! Finally someone else understands that Chris O'Dowd is not only drool-worthy, but a main reason for seeing any movie he appears in!!!!

    I'm only seeing it for him- I didn't really like how the plus-sized BM was portrayed in the trailer (oh haha, she talks about sex like she actually KNOWS what it's like, and clearly her interests are all ridonkulous and unlady like). Apatow seems to have a vaguely sexist attitude that's all dolled up in modern social expectations. And as for Wiig's having a hand in the writing? I'll have to wait to see it to pronounce full judgement.

    But Chris O'Dowd? Totally worth a trip.

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