This bride got married in the shirt she wore on her first date with her husband

Photos by Bri McDaniel Photography

I just really, really wanted you guys to see this outfit. When Jenny married Jake in Georgia last April, she paired a simple button-down shirt with a voluminous, white ballgown skirt. And doesn't she look incredible? But, but, BUT — *dances with glee* — this is the shirt Jenny wore on her first date with Jake! IIIIIIIIIII KNOW. She topped it all off with a pearl necklace, a large bracelet, and some cute ankle boots. Well done, Jenny. Judging by the last couple photos here, you know you rocked this look.

















Photographer: Bri McDaniel Photography • Venue: Fort Benning Chapel

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  1. Firstly you are right this is a GORGEOUS idea and she totally rocked it!

    Secondly is that a church with a flag that has two crossed guns in it? Is this reality? Are we just going to ignore this?

    7 agree
    • Since it's a military chapel and they are common military symbols, it makes sense.

      18 agree
      • Thank you for clarifying. I've never seen that granted I'm up in Canada so maybe flags are just different hear but buy was I confused.

        2 agree
    • They were married at the Fort Benning Chapel, the flag is the flag of the US Army Infantry.

      13 agree
    • I'm pretty sure those are crossed rifles of the infantry, which is a US Army designation. I could be wrong, but that's what it looks like from here.

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  2. One of the most popular non-denominational places to get married in my area is the chapel of a military academy. They have many similar flags.

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  3. Dang, I should have worn my Homer Simpson "Praise Jeebus" t-shirt to my wedding! 😉 And my husband could have worn his Bowling Homer shirt. True story – we saw the Simpson movie as a first date and both wore Homer shirts by complete coincidence. It was obviously meant to be.

    23 agree
  4. I wore a black sparkly top on our first 'date'. I could definitely incorporate that into some wedding attire.

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  5. Ok ok ok…but…where did she get the skirt?!?!

    I am planning to do basically the same thing but just for the reception. I have looked on etsy and found some nice ones there but THIS SKIRT IS SO LOVELY WHERE IS IT FROM?!

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  6. This would be so cool for people who met on a blind date, not only would it be what you wore on your first date, it would be what you wore the first time you saw each other.

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  7. She does look nice, but I would be a little bummed if I were the husband. One of the greatest elements of when I got married is that my wife looked absolutely STUNNING in the most beautiful gown I'd ever seen her in- and probably the most beautiful gown she'll ever where. She spent months finding the perfect one to be the most beautiful she's ever been. I'd have honestly been a little disappointed if she had worn a shirt that she wore on a date. This event is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than any date. She deserves a dress that reflects that.

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    • A stunning gown is what YOUR wife wanted. It worked for the two of you for YOUR wedding. That's the thing to remember, every couple has different priorities and different dreams for their weddings. Her husband was obviously on cloud nine and probably would have felt the same if she were wearing jeans and a t shirt.( Actually I think I've seen that on this site somewhere too 🙂 )

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    • I'd be disappointed if my partner didn't wear a full tailored suit (he likes suits, but I've never seen him in one in person), but each couple does what works for them. It's not like they invited people to a formal wedding yet they wore casual attire–his outfit works with hers so I am thinking they talked about this.

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    • A lot of people don't feel thier wedding *is* the most important day of thier lives, just *an* important day. Can't you see that maybe the first day you met the person you'll spend the rest of your life with is going to have emotional resonance to a lot of couples? PLus, plenty of women don't want thier wedding dress to be THE dress. Lile – you only get one banging dress in your life? F that! Also, the notion of 'deserving' is a little…well, off to me. Not everyone can afford a crazy designer dress, nor want to pay for it even if they can. Plus thier outfits are clearly on a more casual level than some couple s- he's wearing chinos and a denim tie, not morning tails and a top hat.

      Look at how happy they are – and then note that she's clearly paid good money for her hairdresser, pearls, skirt – and then tell me you don't think they got the beautiful day they deserved.

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    • "She deserves a dress that reflects that."

      I think she has one. See the pictures above. She's wearing the perfect dress for their special day.

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  8. I can't remember what I wore on our first date. :$ But if you can then why not make it part of your big day? The effect is gorgeous. I intend to wear many stunning outfits in my life, my wedding dress will be one of them and not necessarily the most important. I'd say my graduation gown was probably my most important.
    Forcing your opinions on others is unfair. Everyone at that wedding seems happy at the bride's decision, so who cares what 'normally' occurs at western weddings?

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  9. This is beautiful and thought about wearing a sweater top with a skirt like that for my wedding because I do love sweaters. My first date I wore a sweater and jeans, it was in December and it was cold. I don't remember what color it was but do remember going to a Chinese restaurant and its still there after all these years. Anyway this wedding is beautiful and everyone seems to have a nice time too. Congratulations to the couple!!

  10. This looks awesome. I'm sure there are lots of things with emotional value you could also take to a seamstress as well if they wouldn't fit in with your outfit or vision – or you could incorporate things into your bouquet, etc as well. I have to say I LOVE her hair as well.

  11. The man who walked you down the aisle (dad?) is about the most adorable man on the planet!! So Cute!

    Love the dress/shirt too!

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  12. i can't even begin to express how awesome this is. talk about a custom gown!!! 😀 the colors, the smiles, the adorable dad. i could just look at this all day!!!

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  13. I'm dying of how amazing lovely this is!!!!!! So so so good. If I was her I'd wear that outfit every damn day. Amazing!!! Oh and can we take a minute to mention that beautiful fabric flower bouquet?!?!? Ugh so love everything about this wedding.

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