Handmade blue wedding dress

Blue wedding dress + red crinoline = oh my!
Blue wedding dress + red crinoline = oh my!

Thanks to offbeat reader Danielle for emailing me about these amazing photos from the schoolhouse wedding of Lulu Bliss.

The bride made her 1950s-style tea-length dress by hand (she reports it took about 100 hours) and if you look carefully, you'll see red crinoline peeking out the bottom. (Colored crinoline FTW!) We all know I'm partial to wedding hats, and this whimsical one is no exception.

To see more from Lulu's wedding (the happy couple on bikes! a wedding dog! walking down the aisle together!), head on over to Lulu's picture-heavy blog post.

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  1. OMG I love it all! That dress is too die for! The whole assemble is adorable! Such a beautiful wedding all around!

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  2. Hey Lulu, massive points for the dress, double massive points for your San Jo wedding and TRIPLE massive points for having the wedding at History Park, that place rules! My fave is the candy shop.

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  3. Wow! Thanks for the compliments. I referred to Offbeat Bride so many times during our wedding planning. There are so many inspiring brides out there. We had a great wedding weekend and I have to say it was 100% what we wanted, no one telling us what to do. Thanks for all the info I got from this site and for being so supportive of brides who don't want the traditional!

    xo- Dolin (aka lulubliss)

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  4. As someone who was there, I can tell you it was the most beautiful wedding (and bride and groom) ever. I don't really cry at weddings, but I did at this one. It was just perfect!

  5. Yay! MORE Colored Crinoline!

    And Thank You LuLu for mentioning the 100 hours it took to make your gown. Few Brides understand the Why of the pricetag.

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