Black wedding shoes for your darkest fantasies

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Baroque - BlackLast August I took a break from my steady stream of colorful wedding shoes to focus on black & sparkly shoes.

It must be a summer thing… all that sunlight burns my heart into a blackened little crisp and all I want is DARK DARK DARRRRK and slightly kinky shoes.

So this week I'm going for some somewhat fantastical black footwear.

Proceed at your own peril.

Celebrity - Black
Simpson - Black Suede
Abigails Party Too - Black Floral
Crime - Black Snake
Snappy Clappy - Black
Genni - Black Suede
Kempton - Black
Dani - Black
Logan - Black
Damsel - Black PU
Velocity - Black
Iris - Black Leather

Random bonus shoe

Embrace the Charm Heel

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  1. So much badassness here! I love these shoes and want at least half of them! 😀

    I wore another black sequin and tan version of those Abigail's Party shoes (by Irregular Choice) for my wedding. Everyone was a little shocked at such glitzy boots, but I looooooved them. I was told they expected me to wear something more romantic. My dress was pretty darn romantic. My shoes got to be badass. Haha. At one point I also had on knee-high, lace-up, leather boots (that looked awesomely witchy for a Halloween wedding) so we could tromp through a pumpkin patch for pictures, and I wore black lace tights under my dress. My low-key reception flats were a pair of custom Chucks in black, orange and purple.

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  2. SWOON.
    Very important question: anybody who's worn shoes like these, does the heel cup blister and annoy the crap out of you? I love the look, but I've always shied away from them due to fear of bodily harm.

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  3. Love the lace flats! They look almost like my heels. I have been looking for a pair to change into when my tootsies start to hurt.

  4. Gawd, those London Trash ones in the middle are uh-mazing. Your heels have sexy high collars!

  5. Huh. While looking at all these shoes, I was playing "which one of these is an Alexander McQueen?". I am obviously not good at that game!!! I'm with Dootsie – those look like bodily harm are almost guaranteed!

  6. I would absolutely splurge on a dreamy black shoe because it would be a shoe I could wear for years on fancy dates or holiday. Something the deepest black, and then just glittering with crystals all over it would do me in.

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  7. (cry) my wedding is over and i needed shoes 🙁 why couldnt you post this a bit earlier lol

    • But the good news is… you've got an anniversary to plan for! Or a birthday. Or any day of the week when you want your feet to look like badasses.

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  8. I'm having black shoes with white polkadots for my wedding (irregular choice) and so many people told me that was weird, feeling better now I've seen this… but now I want more shoes!

  9. Wee!! I just ordered the peacock modcloth ones for my wedding shoe last week and they're currently winging their pretty little way to me in NZ! HURRAH!!! (and they were out of stock in my size until last week, so you can be DAMN SURE I squealed at my desk in my workplace when I got the email to say there were back).

  10. I have the powder blue version of those star heel-less heel ones! <3 They're still hard to walk in but not as much as you'd expect.

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