May 17 | Guest post by BabySmalls

So they are now selling wedding decor at BHLDN, Anthropologie's foray into the wedding world. Personally, I sort of love them in a very conflicted way. In case that site makes you want to barf, I have looked at every object and collected some of the dumbest things, so you don't have to! What can I say, I live to give. There are some super-cute things that I would definitely consider buying/DIYing, but I wanted to share two hilariously "Wha?" offerings:

This is a stick. With a bottle tied to it. It costs $68.
Actually it's $68 for four, but that is still bananas for four sticks, four empty bottles, and eight pieces of twine. I could go outside right now and get that off my neighborhood hobo for the cost of a 40 ounce beer!

This is a bucket. It costs, I shit you not, $128.
It's a bucket that costs $128. I have nothing else to add.

This is a bag of colored clothespins. It costs $28.
But they are hand-dyed by an artisan! Did she sign each one? If not, how will my guests know I am clipping their escort cards up with artisan clothespins, not just some crap I got at… wait, where do clothespins come from? Maybe they are no longer available in America, and their rarity makes them precious, like diamonds. Oh my god, diamond-encrusted wedding clothespins! I am going to make a million dollars.

(If you love BHLDN, don't get huffy. I'm sure I'll be buying something from them before it's all over.)

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