Unique Chicago wedding venues coveted by Offbeat Bride readers

We decided to start rounding up a vendor list sourced directly from our readers for a series of reader recommended vendor list posts. We're starting with venues in and around Chicago! Let's take a look at who our readers have recommended, where they are located, and how you can contact them to get your Chicago venue search started.


8 of our favorite alternative unity ceremonies including one that nets you a permanent piece of art

We've talked about lots of alternative unity ceremonies before, but we've got even more we wanted to collect and share with you to get your brain buzzing. This time around, we're talking about a glow stick ceremony, a baking ceremony, and even a lightsaber candle ceremony. Then we're going to show you a particularly awesome ceremony that gives you a seriously meaningful and lasting memento to keep on display.


Charities, homemade meals, and day-of help: SoKind is a wedding registry of a seriously different flavor

A lot of our readers are attuned much more to not acquiring a bunch of stuff due to being already established, more into recycling and charitable giving, and being generally more, well, offbeat in their gifting views — whatever they may be. SoKind is a registry with options for charitable donations, child care, household help, cooking lessons or homemade dinners, volunteer hours for an organization, carbon offsets, handmade artwork, day-of event help, and even secondhand gifts.


3 ways to get your most authentic wedding photos with Richmond's Tiffany Heidenthal

We love seeing your gorgeous, lovingly created decor, but seeing the real moments in the day — the vow goof at the ceremony, the guests admiring the flower grandmas, the reactions to the best man's speech — those are the moments you want to capture authentically. Here are some tips for making sure you're making the most of your pro photographer and capturing those genuine emotions. And I'll introduce Richmond-based Tiffany Heidenthal Photography who OWNS in that department.