Up the fiber content of your wedding with these kale floral arrangements

A long time ago, I wrote a reactionary post called "Fuck yeah, kale bouquets." It was a reaction to people talking shit about my favorite lettuce, and some people's choices to have it featured prominently in their weddings.

Currently, I am planning a wedding, and I still feel strongly about the power of kale and it's rightful place in weddings. So much so, that I've been rounding up so much kale wedding inspiration…


How Epic Couples coaching can help you prepare for marriage

Real talk: Wedding planning is hard. Marriage is even harder. While I'm planning my second marriage, I'm also planning to do a lot of different things this time around. The number one thing I'm planning to do: get some kind of pre-marital counseling. That's why I'm stoked to talk about our sponsor Epic Couples — a pre-marriage coaching program.

I love how marriage coach, Shannon Hall, Ph.D., described their program…