We're off to see the wizard for this Sonoma wedding

You can certainly go all out for a theme, but sometimes all it takes are a few key details to make a point. For their Sonoma, California wedding, Zaclyn and Albert went for just a subtle nod to the Wizard of Oz. Emerald green shoes for the groomsmen: check. Emerald green pocket squares: check. Emerald bridesmaid dresses: yep. Yellow brick road of roses on the aisle: omg, check. Ruby red high heels: CHECK THOSE TOO, MMHM.


Make your own suspenders

Whether you're looking to make your own menswear accessories, or your own femswear accessories, we've got you covered. Suspenders are so chic, can be easily personalized, and are so easy to make!


The honor of your presence is denied: how to tell people not to come to your wedding (APRIL FOOLS!)

You know there are people in your life who are SO not invited to your wedding. You know you can just picture them salivating over your spread of delicious eats, pawing over your pretties, and ogling your awesome like a kid in a candy store window, knowing they aren't allowed in. Cherish that feeling. You are a special snowflake, and you get to be a bit chilly. Here's how…


DIY custom ribbons as alternative boutonnieres

Epbot's tutorial for these amazing steampunk ribbons would be a fantastic way to build your own alternative boutonnieres. Whether you're also interested in steaming it up or you'd rather go another direction, this ribbon medal is a great foundation for your own custom look.


Cut an adorable 2D cake topper out of a greeting card!

Can't find the cake topper of your dreams in 3D? Do what Kristen did. She cut out their fabulous tandem-bike cake topper from a greeting card. Think of the possibilities! From a Happy Hallooween to a Just Because – any greeting card could be cut out into an adorable 2D representation of your loooooove!


Rock star guestbook alternative: Sign a guitar!

If you and your partner are musically inclined, immortalize your wedding day with an autographed instrument. Ask all your guests to rock the guitar. Not into the rock and roll? Mulling over a Mahler-inspired version? Sign a violin! Toot your own(autographed blue French) horn! Make beautiful music with this guestbook alternative.


Glide through your wedding day like an athlete

We've got a great tip to keep everything "running smoothly" and save your tender parts from the chaffing of a big day of celebration. Protect your thighs, your feet, and all your other parts by prepping like an athlete. See how a little bit of grease-less, hands-free anti-chaffing can help you glide through your wedding day.


Tie your thank-you note to a tasty caramel apple

Whether you candy your apples, roll them in crushed Oreos, or go for the classic straight-up caramel-enrobed goodness, this great idea is a tasty thank-you. Favors are totally optional, but one scrumptious option is a yummy caramel apple – like this one with the sweet little note.