Exchange shoes instead of rings

"Best commitment-ceremony-that-wasn't-really-a-ceremony ever!": A commitment ceremony where this one couple exchanged shoes instead of rings.


5 tips for working with a wedding photographer who doesn’t "get" you

As a photographer I can speak from experience that there are going to be clients who we click with like old friends, and clients that take us awhile to get to know. However, that's definitely not an excuse for making it obvious that some clients have become your BFFs and others still remain strangers. These are a few tips to help you work with a photographer who doesn't get you…


5 ways you never thought to rock marquis diamonds in your engagement ring

Ah, the marquise diamond. It's awesome, it's unique, and it's often hard to think of creative ways to set it. True story: my best friend inherited her grandmother's marquise diamond engagement ring when she got engaged, it was pretty but the setting wasn't offbeat enough for her taste. Oh how she wishes our sponsor Joseph Jewelry had been around with their fantastical marquise ring settings.

I bet you'll see at least three ways you've never thought to rock a marquise diamond…


This stunning and elegant goth wedding in a cave will charm all black hearts

Can you even get over how gorgeous this goth couple is? With a custom-made black wedding dress and veil, amazing thrones, a coffin ring box, bleeding candles, a HUGE and amazingly goth cake, and of course, a CAVE RECEPTION… we're sure this wedding will get your heart racing. Don't miss the Tim Burton-esque invitations, the lush red and black bouquet, and the hilariously charming sand ceremony gone rogue.