30 wedding shoes under $40

Before I even get into this post, I want to acknowledge something: when you're looking at shoes this price, your priorities on not necessarily on things like "ethical production" or "quality constructive." Sometimes, you set those concerns aside because you've got a max of two $20 bills budgeted for your wedding shoes. That priority in mind, let's bask in 30 pairs of wedding shoes, all under $40. LOTS of flats in here, by the way — although with prices like this, size options can be limited. The good news is that some of these go up to size 16!


Gather 'round and let's enjoy some wedding wedges

Some of us get a little shaky on any sort of spiked heel, and wedges can be a great way to get an elevated heel without the ankle-twisting. In addition to being generally more walkable, wedges have the added benefit of being lawn-friendly for those of you having your weddings outdoors — no need to think about sinking up to your ankles in the grass.

This reduced shakiness AND improved grass-walkingness in mind, I'm going to round up some of my very favorite wedge shoes today. If I missed your favorites, leave a comment!


Trawling eBay's sparkly wedding shoes, so that you don't have to!

Oh, eBay. You're a treasure trove of great deals, but also a snakepit of weirdness. Part of the fun is that you never quiiiite know what you're going to get (and if it's coming from China, you never quiiiite know the ethics of how it was manufactured). Lots of the shoes on the site are one of a kind, available only in one size. Heck, by the time you read this, half these shoes could already be sold out! That said, there's no denying that when you hit it right… you can feel like you hit the sparkly-footed jackpot…


Modern shoes with a touch of that vintage feel

This is a week to deviate from my usual taste in rainbows and ridiculousness! I'm going to spend a morning doodling trying my hand at vintage-inspired shoes on the more classy end of the spectrum.

I'm going to feature heels, boots, and a few flats. We've got gentle rose colors, and some ivory, and some lovely blues… but of course some brighter colors too because I can't help myself! So, yes: let's get classy for a moment. Join me?