Wedding shoes: Low heels that are still high on life

If you want to stand tall on your wedding day, but also be able to dance and walk out of your reception without aching balls, wedding shoes with low heels might be your solution. In the spirit of non-numb toes and non-aching balls, this week I'm going to focus on low-heeled shoes. A few flats, but mostly low heels with nothing over 2.5" high. Enough to get a little lift, but not so much that you can't feel your toes. Mission: Wedding Shoes Low Heels… Let's do this!


12 wedding shoes with pom-poms, fluffy bits, and other furry floofies

As y'all should know by now, I spend a lot of time looking at shoes. They are clearly my favorite wedding accessory, and there are days when it feels like I've seen it all… today, however, is not one of those days. What's up with all the little fuzzy pom-poms I'm starting to notice on heels lately? They're so touchable! I want to poke them all. Let's take a look.


Offbeat Bride's official stance on wedding etiquette advice

Not infrequently, Offbeat Bride will be criticized for supposedly telling couples to ignore certain kinds of wedding etiquette advice. Or we'll catch shit for sharing weddings where folks went way off the beaten track when it comes to what you might think of as acceptable wedding etiquette. Given that the "Offbeat Bride hates etiquette!" critique comes up repeatedly, perhaps it's worth capturing our official stance on wedding etiquette advice.


Wedding boots: lace, leather, and love

Are you planning a winter wedding? Looking for some weddings boots with lace? Or perhaps just leather? Or fuzzy? Or rainbows?! Yes, I can help with all these things, because today it's time for a new booted walk down the aisle. A little warmer, a little more water resistant, a little less strappy. Winter brides, hold my gloved hand, and let's do this…