J. Von Stratton wedding dresses, inspired by glamorous drag queens and burlesque performers

For those who've been following my adventures on the Lovesick Expo tour this winter, you've probably been like "WTF is up with all those sequined dresses?!" Well, I will tell you what's up with them: J. Von Stratton is up with them, that's what.

Now I'm stoked to announced that J. Von Stratton has a line of wedding dresses, perfectly combining the show queen aesthetics (sequins! mermaid sillouettes! heart-shaped cut-outs!) with wedding-ready realness…


11 outrageous wedding shoes that might make your eyes bleed (in a good way!)

Any of you have been reading Offbeat Bride for a while know that my taste in wedding shoes always runs toward the VERY LOUD and VERY COLORFUL. Today I decided to stretch the limits of my own over-the-top shoe tastes (as if that were even possible!) into the stratosphere with outrageous wedding shoes that are so over the top that even I take pause, think "is it too much?," and then cackle, "NO IT IS NEVER ENOUGH." Ready for this? Have you tissues ready, because your eyes may bleed in the best possible way…


Fuck Weddings? Why we have confusing feels about wedding snark

We recently got an email from a reader about her website, called Fuck Weddings. That feels like something we should like. We love have a good sense of humor about ourselves and about weddings. All of us planning weddings need a bit more humor and lols in our lives, right? A good skewering can be good for everyone! At the same time, we're a bit torn about wedding comedy that feels mean-spirited…


Can't wait to party with you soon at Lovesick Expo Atlanta, LA, Denver, and SF!

Lovesick Expo Seattle happened yesterday and… holy shit, my friends. That was pretty much the best day-drunk party I've been to in years. I might be biased because it was my hometown show, but that's the thing about Lovesick: yes, it's a wedding expo, but the goal for all of us producing the event is that it basically just feels like a great fucking party. Where you, like, also get to talk to great fucking wedding vendors.

The expo is coming to Atlanta this weekend, with California and Colorado shows next month. Come party with us?


Wedding moccasins and 6 other shoes for brides who don't give a shit about shoes

I asked some Offbeat Bride readers on Facebook what I should focus my next shoe post on, and one of them said: "What about a post for brides who don't give a shit about shoes? I was one of those brides. I ended up with a pair of $19.99 moccasins. They were functional, comfortable, cheap, and got the job (aka not being barefoot) done."

You know what? This is an excellent idea.