10 pairs of adorable custom-painted wedding shoes

If you let yourself go down any given rabbit hole on Etsy, you will suddenly realize that this one cute idea is actually a whole niche industry of people who all had the same cute idea and are now all working their tails off to execute that cute idea in ways you never even imagined.

In this spirit, enter the custom-painted wedding shoe. There is a whole world of custom-painted wedding shoes out there, and today we're going to dip one small, custom-painted toe into it.


MadLibs with offbeat wedding shoes: Let's imagine what weddings go with these shoes…

Every week I round up a few of my favorite shoes, focused on some sort of theme — smaller feet! Rustic chic! Halloween weddings! Sparkles! Etc! This week I'm going to try something a little different.

I'm just going to grab some shoe styles and then imagine what type of Offbeat Bride wedding might go with them. I'll use descriptors from our enormous tag archive… it's sort of like Offbeat Bride MadLibs, but with shoes!


50+ pairs of cute wedding flats

This is how it goes every week: I'll do a shoe post about something (wedges, platforms, boots, whatever) and the response will be "WHAT ABOUT FLATS!?"

We've got pages and pages of posts about wedding flats, but based on comments I receive, they're clearly the wedding shoe that seems to get the least love. We all want more flats. So today? FLATS! This collection seems to have a lot of animals involved (cats! bunnies! flamingos!) and also more than a few cute bows. Let's do this…


Wedding shoes in small sizes for our friends with little feet

I've done puh-lenty of posts for our femmey friends with larger feet, but what about y'all on the other end of the spectrum? I'm talking about you bride-types with feet so small that it's hard to find grown up shoes in your size.

Today I'm going to dip my ol' size 9 toe into the world of smaller-sized shoes that still feel like they were meant for a grown-ass person. These are all available in sizes 4-5, and as always with my shoe round-ups, lots of them are bright and bold colors.


Make a DIY wedding garland from materials sent by friends & family

A really special part of the decor were all the felted garlands that hung around the reception and ceremony. Family and friends from around the world created these, sending packages full of felted balls to us during the engagement. We strung these and used them as decoration to create a cozy, intimate feel, as well as include guests who couldn't attend.