Who says flower girls have to actually be girls?

Meet Dana, the 29-year-old male flower girl from this AMAZING puppetry wedding, which I will telling you much more about tomorrow. One more picture below!

Flower girl

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  1. Flower Guys add an entertaining twist to the conditioned same old same old. Especially with a guy that looks to be as much fun as the lovable character in the colorful photo.

  2. all the pictures from this wedding are AMAZING! it looks like the most fun wedding ever. kudos to the groom on the great puppets.

  3. I love this! We're having a 29 year old woman be our flower gal. It's awesome to see variations on the tradition!

    Those puppets are BANANAS (in a good way).

  4. My 26 year old brother is so about to be asked to be my flowerguy (he was always going to be a bridesboy, this is even better!).

  5. My fiance was the flower girl at our friends wedding. It really happened because they realized at the last minute that they had rose petals to put down the aisle but no way to get them their. So he shoved them into his pockets and the rest is very very funny history!

  6. My mom has a running joke with my teenage cousin – she's going to be the flower girl at his wedding. My dad was kind of a flower girl when he had to carry my terrified 4 year old self down a church aisle many years ago! He didn't have as much fun as this guy did, though!

  7. Emma, I think more than the hotness it's the playfulness. This wouldn't work with a sulky emo 15-year-old hiding behind his bottle-black bangs.

    …or actually, that would be fucking hilarious. I TAKE IT BACK! Bring on the emo flower boys at goth weddings!

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  8. That flower girl is me! I loved the opportunity to be a part of my friends' wedding in such an unconventional way. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!


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  9. My last comment was incomplete and unconventional…

    Bobby and Claire are such fun, open minded people. Their wedding was perfect representation of that and it proved memorable not just to the wedding party but also the guests and everyone involved.

    Having been a flower girl is a nice thing to have on a resume.


  10. Wow! Hot, playful, fun loving… I want a piece of that guy myself!

    (I sort of know him… I'll tell him about all of your generous compliments)

    BTW – the photographer was amazing.

    (I mean, so I hear.)

  11. Ha! This comment string is hilarious. Dana, if I wasn't taken myself, you'd be in trouble. I LOVE the idea and love the shots, too. I also agree; great moment between the photographer and the participant in order to capture the energy and happiness of that moment. Fantastic all around.

  12. I'm trying to get my fiance friend to fly in from Germany for our wedding (as a surprise wedding gift for my FI). If he comes, he is SO the perfect flower guy. It's so on!!!

  13. Totally impressed – the lightheartedness of it, the joy of everyone around him, his huge grin – awesome!! Apparently he's a Bostonian, I wonder if he'd come be the flower boy at my wedding….

  14. Ha! Thanks Meredith! I'm trying to remember what I was up to in this picture. It looks like my dessert is already gone; so it must have had something to do with getting more dessert.

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