A Gorn groom, Super Freak dancing, and a Bender card box

There was a lot of crazy, funky, geeky wildness happening in the Offbeat Flickr Pool. People done gone wacky. And I love it.

Private time with the Gorn
Photo by Photo Pink
Tribe member Mackitten finds a few romantic moments with her Gorn groom.

Needing Sock Garters
Photo by Photo Pink
I love this shoe photo gone awry from Mackitten and her man. Damn purple socks always have a life of their own. Also check out the ink underneath the glam!

Photo by Kurt Vinion Photography
Tribe member B79 and her beau eloped an hour outside of Prague in this classy ceremony. They couldn't be our usual brand of geeks, right… ?

Photo by Kurt Vinion Photography
Oh hell yeah they are — Doctor Who/Ninja cake incoming! Their reception also boasted Dominican and Southern barbecue too. Yum.

Drea and Adam entered their ceremony from different sides of the forest. So sweet.

Can't hold… laughing too much…
Photo by Faller Photography
Apparently Rebecca was handed her groom, Ralph, by one of the groomsmen and had to carry her man herself. She's a trooper.

Bender needs sustenance
Photo by Faller Photography
Ralph's Halloween costume came in handy as their Bender card box too! We need more Futurama in weddings, I tell you.

nick carrying me-posed
Photo by Megan Schley
Speaking of sweeping everyone off their feet, here is Nick carrying his bride Melaina. I don't know what he's thinking, but I love the look on his face. Ten points for awesome background + colorful bouquet too.

Me reading Offbeat Bride the night of the rehearsal
Photo by Johanna Weintraub
Melaina knows how to get our attention too. Ye olde book shot!

Photo byJenelle Morrow
Tribe member Hibpton's wee flower girl and ring bearer won't have any trouble remembering who's who with these customized jerseys. Adorbs!

Instead of a traditional father/daughter dance, Roxanne and her family reenacted the infamous Super Freak dance from Little Miss Sunshine. Her dad looks like fun.

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  1. I'm having a moment over here about that last picture. I love Little Miss Sunshine and recreating that dance is one of the awesomest ideas I've seen!

    2 agree
    • Thanks! In the end my bridesmaids joined in to leap around in a circle like movie too. 🙂

      1 agrees
  2. the jerseys come from Davids Bridal. And seriously, not enough people buy them. I'm buying them for my twin 7 year olds for the reheaarsal dinner. Adorbs.

    and the dress she's wearing in the OBB book pic. *jaw drop*

  3. Loving the Doctor Who cake!! AND A NERDFIGHTER WEDDING OMG. There ought to be more of those!

  4. I was staring at the forest ceremony thinking "Gee! That looks so familiar!" and then I realized that that was our ceremony location for next year 🙂 We had planned to use the same two sided entry thing for ours as well.

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