Boudoir photos for LA's geeks, freaks, and eccentrics from VY Intimate Photography

By on Jul. 22nd

Offbeat boudoir photography from VY Intimate photography
It's "we love boobs day" on Offbeat Bride! So you've done the hard task of finding your fabulous-fitting wedding undergarments, but before you throw on that wedding dress, let's talk boudoir photos. Our sponsor VY Intimate Photography does boudoir photography in Los Angeles.

Vanessa, the photographer, LOVES Offbeat Brides. She said, "Nerds, geeks, freaks, the eccentric, the wild, the retro — come to me. But better yet, come to me in a hot outfit to show off your super sexy self!"

Let's talk more about boobs, babes, boudoir photography, and a bonus discount from VY Intimate Photography.

OH! This may be super-obvious, but since this a post about boudoir photography, some of these images coming up are NSFW…

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Tiny back, big rack: How to find wedding undergarments when you're small with huge boobs

By on Jul. 22nd

Duh alert: This post is full of bra & panty pics, so it's probably NSFW.

finding wedding undergarments when youre small with huge boobs

Let's talk about boobs! I'm a 32DD, which means I am a petite chick with a mighty big rack. For me, wedding dress shopping was all about the boobs. I had to find a dress that either supported the big gals comfortably and flatteringly on its own, OR I had to find a dress that could work with some major undergarment action.

Yup, I've learned a lot of tricks shopping for the rare and elusive "big rack, small back" support systems. Let's talk about our options…

First of all, the thing I've learned time and time again about bra shopping for uncommon sizes is that you're going to have to pay some big bucks. It's next to impossible to find bras with large cup sizes that don't look like grandma bras (in that they cover the ENTIRE boob in a way that makes wearing V-necks really awkward). So don't trip out over the prices on some of these bad boys (girls?), it's literally the price you pay for supporting your tatas.

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Danielle & Rob's pin-up style-meets-comic books wedding

By on Jul. 22nd

It's a bird, it's a plane… it's Offbeat Bride's comic book-clad and caped superhero theme week! Get in the telephone booth and change into your wedding-gawking superhero tights — you're in for crime-fighting fun.

The Offbeat Bride: Danielle, skin care retail

Her offbeat partner: Rob, warehouse shipping lead

Date and location of wedding: Real Life Church, Covington, WA — April 26, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: When planning the wedding, I wanted to make sure it reflected both of us. Rob has collected comic books since he was a kid and is a super geek. I am an honorary geek and I enjoy learning about his hobbies and interests. I love everything vintage and I especially love 1940s/1950s, so I mushed these two ideas together. It was difficult to explain our "vintage comic book" color scheme. Our groomsmen and bridesmaids wore outfits that reflected this theme as well.

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What Dungeons and Dragons taught me about wedding budget frustrations

Guestpost by juliegolick on Jul. 21st

Thank to Christa and Chris for uploading their Dungeons and Dragons-themed wedding cake to our Flickr pool.

I'm an avid player of all tabletop roleplaying games. I've dabbled in well over two-dozen systems, everything from World of Darkness to 7th Sea to Heavy Gear. But my favorite, the one I keep coming back to, is good ol' Dungeons and Dragons. D&D is a classic for a reason: it's versatile, it has a vast amount of published content, and it fits almost any story, especially when you throw in all the spin-off games that use d20 rules.

I have played characters at all levels, from a 1st-level rogue who could get knocked out if a goblin sneezed on her the wrong way to a 27th-level bard who ultimately became the avatar of a god, and everything in between. I've scoured books and websites looking for just the right prestige class, feat, or special ability to make my characters the very best they could be.

So I can say this with absolute certainty: no matter what level you are, you are always looking one or two levels ahead and saying, "When I just get to that level, I'll have everything I need!"

It doesn't matter whether you're a 2nd-level paladin who's waiting for his aura of courage at 3rd level or a 19th-level rogue who wants that first epic feat at level 21. There is always something, and it's always just a level or two away.

But what does this have to do with wedding planning? Or budgeting? Turns out, quite a lot…

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Just Wonder Woman marrying Superman. No big deal.

By on Jul. 21st

I can hear your squeals from here. I can hear them as I'm writing this because this wedding IS JUST THAT AWESOME. What an addition to Offbeat Bride superhero week! Reinesha and Devan were absolutely on point as Wonder Woman and Superman for their Arizona wedding. The cape. The Superman wedding socks. The Wonder Woman wedding socks. The tiara. The red, blue, and yellow corset ties. The coordinating superhero eye makeup and nail art. The general bad-assitude oozing from every photo. Do they not look like they are having the best time in all the world?

The only thing that could possibly be cooler than Reinesha and Devan is the rest of their family. The sweetest, most color-coordinated superhero family portraits are just behind the jump. And let me tell you: No one twirls like a Wonder Woman in training.

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Angie & Drew's relaxed superhereos and storytelling wedding

By on Jul. 21st

It's a bird, it's a plane… it's Offbeat Bride's comic book-clad and caped superhero theme week! Get in the telephone booth and change into your wedding-gawking superhero tights — you're in for crime-fighting fun.


Photos by Hilary Roberts

The Offbeat Bride: Angie, customer service representative for a payroll company (and Tribesmaids)

Her offbeat partner: Drew, technical operations project coordinator for a movie studio

Date and location of wedding: The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN — October 13, 2013

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: My husband and I live in Los Angeles and both work in the entertainment industry. We met in part due to an old revival theater in town we both frequented. As movie lovers, we wanted a venue that somehow incorporated the cinema, but it was also important to us that we be able to have the ceremony and reception in one place. My mom has multiple sclerosis and traveling is difficult (hence the wedding back home in Minnesota). We hit the jackpot when we found The Varsity Theater & Cafe des Artistes in Minneapolis, which throughout its years has been a vaudeville theater, a movie theater, a night club, and (currently) a live music venue.

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Want an amazing photographer to shoot your offbeat wedding for free? New England's Justine Johnson could make that happen…

By on Jul. 18th


Justine Johnson is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

Our sponsor Justine Johnson Photography caters to non-traditional weddings primarily by being just super PSYCHED about them. But also it's because you non-tradishies love her wedding photography up!

Justine's goal is to capture the love, the joy, the utter ridiculousness of your whole day… and to do so in an unscripted and unobtrusive way.

Your goal? Well, it should be to enter the contest that may hook you up with all this Justine Johnson goodness for FREE on your wedding.

Let's talk about how you can accomplish said goal…

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46 pairs of wedding day flats

By on Jul. 18th
From left to right: Tapestry of Purrfection ($100), Frolic in Fresno flat ($35), Proudly Posh flat ($55).

From left to right: Tapestry of Purrfection ($100), Frolic in Fresno flat ($35), Proudly Posh flat ($55).

I steadfastly believe that the higher-heeled types shouldn't get all the fun, so today I'm going to round up a collection of 46 pairs of flats that are loud and daring — just like I like 'em. Ready for some shoes that won't make you tower over your partner or hobble through your reception? I've got everything from pointy-toed frilly stuff for the femmey-footed, to adorable color-block Oxfords, to sweet love-note themed shoes… all with almost no heel height, for your wedding day comfort.

Oh and the bonus shoe today? RAINBOW TIGER.

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Heather & Bobby's Lord of the Rings meets Game of Thrones fantasy wedding

By on Jul. 18th
49 First Look 10 (W)

Photos by The Willinghams, with additional photography by guests.

The Offbeat Bride: Heather, hypnotherapist and actor (and Tribesmaid)

Her offbeat partner: Robert (Bobby), gunsmith

Date and location of wedding: Dunafon Castle, Idledale, CO, — May 24, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: Bobby and I are geeks: Dungeon & Dragons, Battlestar Galactica, Elder Scrolls, Doctor Who, Zombies, Comic-Cons, cosplay… you name it, we're probably into it. So when it came to our wedding, it wasn't a question of "What should we do?" but "How do we narrow this down?" We decided on a Lord of the Rings meets Game of Thrones theme because we discovered we could get married in an actual castle right here in the Colorado mountains. Suddenly, we had visions of armor, swords, dragons, and elves.

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Bar talk with Mint & Mirth: Licensing, insurance, and when to hire professional bartenders

Guestpost by Joni on Jul. 17th

Joni Whitworth is the co-founder of Mint & MirthThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them — "the West Coast's best-loved bartenders." She's also full of tips about bartending, drink serving, and making.

Joni and Jennelle of Mint and Mirth gives us the lowdown on wedding bartending. (Photo from Mint & Mirth's Instagram)

Joni and Jennelle of Mint and Mirth gives us the lowdown on wedding bartending. (Photo from Mint & Mirth's Instagram)

Let's talk about when you should hire professional bartenders for your wedding, when you shouldn't, and how to cut costs on the bar area in general.

The good news is that professional bartenders are not always necessary. There are two main variables at play here: the laws of your state, and the rules of your venue.

State laws vary widely and can change often, so I won't try to go into detail about the laws of each individual liquor control commission. You can usually visit your state's .gov website and find a section that details laws regarding drinking and serving alcohol, when and where it's allowed, and who is allowed to serve it.

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Beloved festival weddings: inspiration for your music festival-flavored wedding

By on Jul. 17th

Next month for the third year in a row, I'm heading to Oregon's Beloved Festival. To celebrate the spirit of Beloved, it feels like the right time to bask in the beauty and bliss of music festival-inspired weddings. The truth is that not that many weddings actually happen AT music festivals (even among the Offbeat Bride community, it's pretty rare). What I see more often is couples getting engaged at music festivals who then build their weddings around the vibe of music festivals, or even create their own mini-festival wedding weekends. This in mind, I thought I'd plum our eight years of weddings to find some of my favorite inspiration for your music-festival flavored wedding. Let's put on our mud boots, pop in our squishy ear plugs, and dive in, shall we?

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