Planning a wedding as a fatherless bride

Guestpost by Kelsey Munger on Oct. 20th

I was practically dancing, I was so excited when I told my sister that I was engaged. But just two days later, I was hit hard by the reality that I couldn't tell my dad my happy news. I sobbed like I'd only just been informed of someone's passing. And it hurt just as much.

I was thrilled about being able to inject "when" instead of "if" into sentences related to our future, excited to upgrade my relationship status on Facebook, but I was grieving, too. Life's messy. Sometimes weddings are messy.

I'm sure it's always heartbreaking to feel like there's going to be a major hole in the guest list, but it's awkward when you're a fatherless bride because so many wedding-related traditions involve dads…

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Find a hot pink wig and join the crowd at this Seattle wedding

By on Oct. 20th

As a bit of playful revenge for having to wear a natural-colored wig at her maid of honor's wedding, Dani had her wedding party (including the bridesman) rock hot-pink wigs to match her hair. The wedding party nailed the look, even though it looks like it was a super windy day! Dani and Rob got married at Gas Works Park in Seattle last July, and you'll find that delicious hot pink everywhere in their photos: bowties, guests' shoes, feathery bouquets, and all over the reception.

Be on the lookout for his-and-hers motorcycles, a drinks menu named after their bikes, and custom sunglasses for all. (AND, if you really want to know, it looks like Dani's hair color is Special Effects Atomic Pink. I speak from experience when I say that is an awesome shade.)

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Jennifer & Steve's muddy race to matrimony

By on Oct. 20th

Photos by maid of honor, Brigitte Bond and some courtesy of Reebok Spartan Race

The Offbeat Bride: Jennifer, Technical Trainer

Her offbeat partner: Steve, Software Engineer

Date and location of wedding: Super Spartan Race, Wintergreen, VA — August 23, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We are both athletic and high energy, and wanted to get married in the fall without the huge expense of a large wedding venue. We decided to elope to Wintergreen Mountain which is where we had our first race together a month after we met three years ago.

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Texting Otter sez: "Mark Poulin's new pendants are the sweetest gifts EVAR"

By on Oct. 17th

Texting Otter sez: "I love mah bridesmaidz!"

If you're not keeping up with our sister site Offbeat Home & Life, then you missed the first time we introduced you to our sponsor Mark Poulin. Which means you may have been living in a world in which you were completely unaware of the cutest jewelry for nerds and animal-lovers.

Don't worry, all shall be corrected now! Offbeat Bride readers, meet Mark Poulin and his new line of sterling silver charm necklaces. These quirky pendants — featuring the cutest texting otters, skateboarding goats, and boating cats — are perfect for your bridal party gifts.

Each freaking-adorable necklace is reversible, and has either a witty or heartfelt saying on the back, or a different design. Which means there's a total "two necklaces in one" bonus!

Check out some of our favorite designs…

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Vintage-ish shoes for your 1920s-styled wedding

By on Oct. 17th

If you're going for a wedding feel that's like a cross between "dusty" and "glitter," this is totally the shoe post for you.

This week, I'm going to nose around in that delicious aesthetic sweet-spot between vintage and glam, between rustic and chic, between glitz and hay bales. Most of these are in the 1920s flavor of vintage. (If Great Gastsby-era is your jam, be sure to check our 1920s archive!)

We can start with these shoes to the left. One reviewer on ModCloth said: "I wore these shoes on my wedding day, and they were perfect! We had a 1920s/1930s theme going on and the shoes fit into it pretty well. They are definitely a unique shoe for a wedding, but I would definitely recommend them because they're SO comfortable! I didn't feel the need to take them off for the reception!" All that for $40? Yes.

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Kim & Chris' science and superheroes wedding

By on Oct. 17th

This week we're celebrating the tea-length, the mini, and the cocktail — that's right, it's short dress week! We're showcasing brides who dare to bare their gams in shorter dresses.

The Offbeat Bride: Kim, biologist (and Offbeat Bride Member)

Her offbeat partner: Chris, math nerd

Date and location of wedding: Bel Air, MD — October 20, 2013

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We took many traditions and put our own twist on them. I tried on a few long dresses, but that only helped reinforce that I wanted a tea-length/short gown. I had gazed at one too many on Offbeat Bride and really liked the more vintage styled dresses, especially with a pop of color under it with bright shoes! And it was a wonderful thing to not need assistance when I had to go to the bathroom.

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6 excuses to break out your wedding finery for a post-wedding portrait session

Guestpost by Emma Gavelis on Oct. 16th

My husband and I got married a little over a month ago now, and I have realized that one of the best decisions that we made was to have a second portrait session after we returned home from our honeymoon. Since I'm a photographer myself, getting good wedding photos was important to me, and I was stressed that perhaps the short timeframe in which we needed to get all of our "perfect wedding portraits" wasn't going to be long enough, was going to be too stressful, or was going to be too hot.

So I decided that having more photos of us taken when we didn't have those stresses or constraints sounded like a much better idea, and man were there a lot of benefits to that choice…

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Jane Austen-themed wedding invitations with personalized library catalog RSVP cards

Guestpost by rae1184 on Oct. 16th

Jane Austen wedding invitations

When it came to invitations, ordering them never crossed my mind. I knew that what I wanted was unique, and making them myself was my best option.

I found these Wilton Wedding Toile Invitations that I fell in love with. I loved all the details, and knew they were perfect for what I wanted to do. I also found the perfect font that I have used for almost everything — escort cards, table names, etc. — Becarria.

When it came time to design the invitations, I wanted to keep my literary/Jane Austen/vintage theme going (future librarian here). I found several awesome ideas for literary invitations and RSVP cards and combined them all together…

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Caroline & Dave's sunrise beach wedding

By on Oct. 16th

This week we're celebrating the tea-length, the mini, and the cocktail — that's right, it's short dress week! We're showcasing brides who dare to bare their gams in shorter dresses.


Photos by Robyn Brown (bride's aunty) and Sally Frith (bridesmaid)

The Offbeat Bride: Caroline, Policy Writer

Her offbeat partner: Dave, Remuneration Manager

Date and location of wedding: Shoreham Beach and Merricks General Wine Store, Victoria, Australia — February 15, 2013

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: Despite not being morning people, for some reason we thought a ceremony at 7:15 a.m. on the beach would be a good idea. It was — we just had to convince everyone else! Besides, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?

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How "all about the bride" is not about the bride at all

Guestpost by EMedKC on Oct. 15th

I first noticed it when my best friend got married.

She was super-invested in the wedding, the gathering of friends, the party, the fun — but not the details, and really not the planning. It's not her style. And yet, at her rehearsal, the chaplain said, "We will all stay here until we get things right and, most importantly, the bride is happy."

"The Bride" shrugged as if to say "I'm not the one you need to please," and the chaplain looked almost offended.

Later that evening, I referred to her as "the bride." She sighed and said "I can't wait until next week when I can just be me again." I never called her "the bride" again, but I didn't really get it.

Now I'm "the bride." Now I get it.

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Two geologists bury their vows in an Iceland glacier

By on Oct. 15th

When two Canadian geologists elope to Iceland, you may rest assured that the photographs will be mind-blowing. BUT. Photographer Ann Peters had so much cool info to share on the details, that Imma sprinkle a few more words than usual in between the pics.

Tara and Landon began their wedding day at a geothermal hotel in the hot springs town of Hveragerði in southern Iceland. Getting to their ceremony site on the Mýrdalsjökull Glacier involved a base camp, a Super JEEP, an hours-long drive, and a 40-minute climb. Side note: apparently the glacier is near a volcano that's overdue for eruption. Marriage is an adventure, y'all.

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