Turn that vintage nightmare into the wedding dress of your dreams with Blue-Eyed Boutique

By on Aug. 22nd

Want to wear your mom's wedding dress… but when you put it on, you look like a hot mess? Fabric freaking everywhere, or poofy sleeves up to your ears? Perhaps your mom's 1980s gown is not quite the awesome retro-styled dress of your dreams.

Or is it?…

After photos courtesy of Justine Johnson Photography

After photos courtesy of Justine Johnson Photography

Our sponsor Blue-Eyed Boutique provides one-of-a-kind dresses up-cycled from vintage clothing. Which means, much like for Valerie up there, that less-than-flattering dress of your mother's (or grandmother's) can become the a dress that looked like it was made just for you.

You know you want to see more examples of what Blue-Eyed Boutique can do…

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Friday freakout: wedding wedges

By on Aug. 22nd

mel wedgesThis week I'll be panting over wedges. I'm a huge fan of wedges because they give you that lift of a heel, without the stab of a stiletto (or even the wobble of a kitten heel).

As always, I aimed for a range of colors (white wedges! red wedges! blue wedges!) and costs (from forty bucks affordable to zomg those shoes almost cost as much as my entire wedding budget).

Yet again I went maybe a little overboard with my selections. Gird your shoe loins, ladies. We're going in…

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Erika & Fernando's beachside Jamaican elopement

By on Aug. 22nd

Photos by Sandals Resort

The Offbeat Bride: Erika, Facility Coordinator (and Tribesmaid)

Her offbeat partner: Fernando, Options Trader

Date and location of wedding: Sandals Royal Plantation, Ocho Rios, Jamaica — July 31, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We are non-traditionalists who were just looking for something beautiful and intimate. We had a beachfront ceremony at Sandals Royal Plantation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We used traditional vows, which ended up being one of the most traditional things we incorporated into the wedding.

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Take a walk in the woods to witness this earthy Oregon wedding

By on Aug. 21st

Guh. Buh. AUGH. Taylor and Carmine's Oregon wedding is so beautiful and welcoming and relaxed, and I just want to launch myself through the photos and be there.

Let's start with the fact that Taylor wore her mother's dress: this is definitely the coolest alteration of a vintage gown I've seen today. And I don't even know how to describe the vest, head-scarf, bejeweled bowler action that Carmine's got going on, but that is some swoon-worthy groom gear. And when you get to the photo of him carrying their one-year-old daughter as he walks into the ceremony, well. Well. Well, it's pretty damn cute!

Oh wait, were you curious about the ceremony? Carmine and Taylor were married by an officiant named Lizard the Wizard, in a ceremony that photographer Amanda Long said involved lots of movement. The couple wove their way through the rows of the amphitheater instead of walking down a straight aisle and knelt during their handfasting. Afterward, they danced their way back through the rows as guests rang tiny handbells. Festive!

But the festivities don't end there. You're going to want to scroll to the end for that last photo. Just so you know.

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Karen & Terry's steampunk, peacock, and pop culture wedding

By on Aug. 21st

The Offbeat Bride: Karen, ebook creator (and Tribesmaid)

Her offbeat partner: Terry, software engineer

Date and location of wedding: Quy Mill Hotel, Cambridge, UK — March 8, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: As we're both older and were paying for the whole wedding ourselves, we felt it a lot easier to do what we wanted to without so much external pressure. I've always loved making things and I've always loved quirky things, but I promised Terry from the outset I wouldn't end up making everything myself and having a nervous breakdown. In the end, we did have to make lots of things because what we wanted just didn't exist or wasn't quite right. Thankfully my co-conspirators, Mandy and E-J, both loved making things so we had several gin-fueled weekends where we managed to make everything we needed.

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The top 5 post-wedding feels that have completely blindsided me, and what I'm doing about them

Guestpost by Mary on Aug. 20th
Wedding hair

Thanks to Samantha for uploading this photo to our Flickr pool!

Or: "Mary goes through it so you don't have to!"

Or: "Married life is way less thrilling than I was anticipating so I'm going to write a post as if I'm giving someone else advice about the situation I happen to find myself in."

Obviously this post won't apply to everyone, but hey, maybe it will help someone in addition to helping me.

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Embrace the rainbow at a DIY English wedding

By on Aug. 20th

If you're into rainbow weddings, you've gotta check out Simon and Petra's color-infused, rainbow-central, DIY love fest. They got married in the registry office of Andover, UK, before they partied at a local community center. Check out the prismatic bouquets (which Petra totally made herself), be in awe of her own red-and-white brooch bouquet, and — oh my WOW — Petra's nails. Those tiny lil hearts took three hours to paint! Aaaaaaaand they match the cake. BONUS.

But stick around, y'all. Let's hear it for Simon's white tux with black lapels and polka-dot pocket square. And wait till you see his shoes. I'll take them in a size 11, please.

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Angi & Bret's polyamorous backyard wedding

By on Aug. 20th

You may remember this bride from her post about choosing to marry her boyfriend while legally married to her husband. Now we've got the full story on how it all went down.


Photos by friend of the couple, Josh Barnhart

The Offbeat Bride: Angi, Freelance Writer (and Tribesmaid)

Her offbeat partner: Bret, RN

Date and location of wedding: Amphitheater in Frog Island Park, Ypsilanti, MI (Reception in our backyard in Westland, MI) — June 28, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: As a polyamorous couple having a non-legal ceremony, our wedding was inherently pretty offbeat. We had a very small budget, and a primary goal of having a celebration that really felt like a reflection of our personalities and our relationship. We DIYed practically everything, from the invitations to the 400 paper flowers for the bouquets and the centerpieces to the iTunes reception playlist to the ceremony itself. My other partner, Kory (who I've been legally married to for 12 years), cooked the amazing food (a vegetarian burrito bar!) for our reception. The things that we didn't DIY, we mostly purchased from other hand crafters on Etsy, or from small independent companies.

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Find out how Southern California's Revolution Weddings became the all-female, wedding-themed Avengers team

By on Aug. 19th
Revolution Weddings is now more than just a DJ and MC service…

Revolution Weddings is now more than just a DJ and MC service. (Photo by Lulan Wang)

Last time I wrote about our sponsor Revolution Weddings, I gave you the rundown on the four reasons Staci Nichols should be your wedding DJ and officiant. The quick recap: Because DJ Staci (whom we all know and love) is ONE OF US. Which means, you can breathe easy hiring her for your wedding gig.

That was then and this is now, and here in 2014, Revolution Weddings is more than a DJ/officiant. Revolution Weddings is now an awesome, all-female wedding business that offers almost ALL the wedding vendors you need in one place. (Yay for Offbeat Bride vendor growth, ammaright!?)

Let's talk about all the things Revolution Weddings team will do to, well, revolutionize your wedding…

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Show your wedding team how much they rock with emotional, sappy, inexpensive gifts

By on Aug. 19th

Thank your peeps with heirloom flower bulbs! (Photo by Lindsay TurnerCC BY 2.0)


I'm wondering if you guys have advice on giving gifts to those helping us coordinate the wedding — the family member doing hair/makeup, our friend who is officiating, the friend donating their photography services, etc.?

I need advice like how much to spend per person and gift suggestions. Any information would be helpful.

Thanks! -Kristen

Oooh, I love this question! I adore giving gifts, so you bet this was something I really wanted to address for our wedding. I picked out individual gifts for my wedding party, which was cool and all, but I definitely wanted to acknowledge the people you mention. We also needed to get a bit creative because money wasn't something we could just throw around willy-nilly. I ended up doing a couple things…

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