Totally free, totally rockin' DIY vinyl record wedding invitation from Download & Print

Guestpost by Anna Skye on Apr. 1st

00-vinyl-record-invitation-templateHey, Offbeat Brides! My name is Anna Skye, and I love helping couples save a ton of cash by DIYing their wedding stationery. At my website Download & Print, you'll find hundreds of printable wedding stationery templates, like the exclusive free template below.

If you want your big day to be a "solid gold hit," I have just the invitation for you. Check out this vinyl record invitation. "Side one" uses fun retro type for your names plus date and location details, then flip the record over to "side two" for details about the reception. The record sleeve, inspired by a 1979 Van Halen design, has your names on the front and RSVP and event details on the back.

If you and your partner are music purists, and have a shelf loaded with vinyl, then be sure to grab the free template downloads and follow along with the photo tutorial below to create this fun invitation at home. Note that you can make this invite in any color scheme by simply selecting different color paper to print on.


The Collection:




Step 1: Download and print

Download the template files. You will end up with four files…

  1. The record sleeve
  2. Front record label
  3. Back record label
  4. The template for the record

Open the first three files in MS Word and add your wedding information. The fonts used in the sample are Forque for the names, Pacifico is the script font, and the information text is in Gill Sans (available on most PC's and MAC's). If you don't have these fonts loaded on your PC, Word will substitute different fonts. Use any fonts that you like, or download them for free using the links above.

Open the record label template in Acrobat. Print all four files using your colored card stock and a plain white sheet of paper.

TIP: Before committing to print all your invitations, print one copy of each file and check for spelling errors, correct dates, layout, and grammar. Have a second set of eyes check over your work. Check twice, print once!


Step 2: Trim the sleeve

Cut out the sleeves along the trim lines. Score the sleeve down the center line and along the flap lines using a scoring tool or the back of an X-acto knife. Be careful not to accidentally cut through! This will help produce a nice, crisp edge. Fold the sleeve in half, design side out, and the flaps in.



Step 3: Tape the sleeve

Apply a strip of double sided tape to each flap and fold the sleeve in half, pressing down firmly with the heel of your hand to secure in place. A glue stick will also do the trick, but is a little messier.


Step 4: Notch the sleeve

Take a notch out of the top of the sleeve with a circle punch (much faster), or plain old scissors. Or skip this step if you are out of time or out of patience.

Step 5: Cut records

You have two choices in cutting the records.

Option 1:


Grab the Acrobat record template included in the printable files. Cut out the circles and punch a hole in the center using your Instant Hole Setter. Use this paper template to trace onto your black card. Don't forget to mark the center hole. Cut out the black circles and punch the center holes using the hole setter.


TIP: The trick to cutting smooth circles with scissors is to use long sweeping strokes with the entire length of the blade. Don't make little snips as your circle will end up with many edges. Hold the scissors still, and move the card.

Option 2:


If you like gadgets and want to save a ton of time, get yourself a circle cutter and set it to 4.875". Simply hold the cutting template to the card and run the included cutting tool around the edge. Hey presto, a perfect circle. You will yield two records per sheet using the circle cutter tool.


You will still need to punch the center hole with the hole setter.

TIP: You will find this entire process much easier if you engage the help of family and friends (even a scissor wielding-fiancé has no excuse to not pitch in), and form a production line. Give each person one task and work down the line. Have wine and cheese, or beer and pizza, on hand and make an afternoon of it. Perhaps have all the circles cut before too much wine is consumed though, or you may end up with some odd-shaped vinyl.


Step 6: Cut labels

Cut out the front and back labels and punch the center hole.


Step 7: Attach labels

Using double-sided tape or a glue stick, attach a front and back label to each record. Use the center hole as your guide.


Step 8: Add glare (optional)

Embellish the records with the silver paint pen by adding "glare" lines.

The records are now ready to insert into the sleeve. The whole invitation fits into a 5.5" square envelope for mailing.


And there you have it. A no-treble tutorial with a rockin' result. And to thank you for putting up with my puns, below is a coupon for Offbeat Bride readers. Take 20% off any template purchase at Download & Print when using checkout code: OFFBEAT.