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Advanced wedding footwear: high heels I love but probably can't walk in

By on Jan. 3rd

heart heelsI'm assembling my outfits for the various Lovesick Expos I'll be attending over the next few weeks (Brooklyn & Philly: I'll see you next weekend, right!?), and I got these insanely adorable shoes. They are so cute, and so perfect, and make my legs look so long, and I love them so much, and FUCK I JUST DON'T KNOW IF I CAN WALK IN THEM.

I think my plan is to booth-babe myself (is that a verb? I just verbed it… sorry, Copyeditor Caroline.) and wear these shoes when I am sitting at the Offbeat Bride booth, but then maybe I'll bring some flats to sneak on when I actually have to, like, walk.

For those of you who are more advanced heel-walkers than I am, I decided to round up a collection of shoes that I absolutely adore… but probably can't walk in. If you can manage these on your wedding day, I bow down to you. In fact, maybe that's the solution: if someone bows down and carries you around on your wedding day, these are all the perfect shoes. PERFECT.

PS: if your balls start aching at the very thought of super high heels, get thee to our flats archive!

Vixen - Silver Snake
Freddie - Turquoise
Sydney - Black and White
Langlade - Black
Ya Give Me Fever - Pewter
Love Dove - Gold
Come Get Me - Nude Rose
SB Kiss - Champagne
Isla Bonita - Leopard
Stretch Limo - Silver
Iris - Black White Leather
Nola - Navy

Random bonus shoe

Bow Other Way Bootie in Gold