Offbeat Bride Tribe: offline for maintenance until 1/1/2014

tribe-constructionWe're upgrading the Offbeat Bride Tribe's back-end (YEAH WE SAID IT), so the Tribe corner of Offbeat Bride will be offline from Sunday December 29 – Wednesday January 1. The main Offbeat Bride blog is online (obviously!), so there's plenty of reading to do.

The forum will likely look a bit different when it back online… the design will be the same, but the Tribe's admin pages will be styled a bit differently, and some of our templates may have shifted. Nothing drastic (we hope?) but the Tribe is held together by a huge amount of duct tape, and any time we upgrade… there's always some duct tape that falls off.

(Again, this is just the Offbeat Bride Tribe we're talking about, the private community over at Nothing is changing with the Offbeat Bride blog here at I know there's sometimes confusion between what's what, but we're JUST talking about the stuff under our header's "TRIBE" tab.)

Thanks in advance for your patience with us during the maintenance! We're doing our best to keep the Tribe awesome. If you have any questions (or just need a Tribe support thread while we're offline) feel free to post a comment below…

Update December 30, 3pm PST

Things are looking really great. We've got the core tools updated (WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress, s2Member), and are now working on fixing little bugs. We're totally on-schedule for throwing the doors wide open on the 1st… and not even that much duct tape has fallen off! Whew.

Update December 21, 4pm PST

And we're back! A few hours early, even. :)

  1. But I got hitched on the 28th! Never mind, I shall share my amazing day when I finish deflowering my Husband on our honeymoon! 😀

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    • You know, you could always share a bit right here in the comments…? Some of us are not patient when it comes to seeing Tribesmaid weddings. :)

      2 agree
      • Probably not the deflowerig details. Though I'm sure some OBB's would be ok with it!

        1 agrees
  2. But… I'm having the legal "do" on the 4th. I need to read things.

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  3. It hasn't even been two days…and I miss you so much! D:

    Back to work for the first time since Tuesday, and I don't know what to do with myself!

    But thanks for taking the time to upgrade the Tribe, I look forward to an improved experience :)

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  4. Gah, I have no idea what to do with myself now that the Tribe is offline either. I'm working this week (today too) and I'm all "need to read the tribe"

    However, on a happy note, I just wanted to slightly brag about the fact that our venue is so freaking awesome and I know that we picked the right one because of how flexible they are being and stuff – from all the emails that I sent to the coordinator before we even looked at it – to when we couldn't book it right away how understanding they were – to when we were ready to book it, how excited they are to host our wedding – and they are TOTALLY ON BOARD for our breakfast for dinner idea.

    I just got an email from them today and not only do we get to go to the venue tasting but they're going to do a private tasting for us closer to our date to taste breakfast foods – which is fantastic – in the event the whole breakfast thing turns into a shit show (as my fiance succinctly put it) we still know what our options are and how the food quality is.

    AND to top it all off – we found them on here because another bride got married there – it turns out they're the perfect fit for us too. Probably wouldn't have stumbled across them otherwise – so thanks OBB! 😀 <3

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