George & Jade's intimate Cape Town wedding

By on Dec. 12th Photos by Mads Norgaard

The Offbeat Groom: George, Travel & Accommodation Expert

His offbeat partner: Jade, Canvasser

Date and location of wedding: Welgemend, Cape Town, South Africa — September 28, 2013

Our offbeat wedding at a glance:
The wedding was small, intimate, and lots of fun. Putting everything together was the most exciting experience for us. As we had a limited budget and a short time to plan, we soon learnt that creative thinking is essential. Some of the main highlights included the following:

  • Jade: George blew my mind with the wedding car because he kept it a secret. When my dad arrived to collect me for the ceremony, I was just blown away! It was not at all what I was expecting, but it was everything I wanted.
  • George: The sushi was absolutely amazing. It was made fresh and really had a lot of people interested.






Tell us about the ceremony:
The ceremony was very Western in style. We got married in the New Apostolic Church which I grew up in, and the congregation consisted of my close friends and family. In 2014, I will be taking Jade to Zimbabwe were we will have a traditional African ceremony.






Our biggest challenge:
The biggest challenge was agreeing on what we wanted to do. Our budget was pretty tight and thus we found ourselves having to compromise for the other. We had to consistently remind ourselves that we were having a wedding because we loved each other, not because we wanted to host a successful event.


My favorite moment:
The moment we stood at the altar, it felt as if nothing else existed but us. That was a priceless moment.


My funniest moment:
We did the Twist as our wedding dance, and our wedding cake featured our best friend, Renji the Chow Chow.




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