Use glow sticks instead of sand to electrify your unity ceremony

December 18 |  
Photos by: The Adventures Of
Glowstick Unity Light
Photo by The Adventures Of.

When it came time for their unity ceremony, Jodi and Kim jazzed it up and pulled out glow sticks instead of sand. We love the daytime glow, and think this would be equally rad at an evening ceremony! Here's how they pulled it off:

We opened a trajillion glow sticks and separated the two fluids into hot pink glass vases, and then poured them into one glass vase and watched it instantly light up and glow!

Glowstick Unity Light

We know y'all love non-traditional unity ceremonies… here are a few more past faves:

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  1. Are glowsticks toxic? I know it has been hotly debated. But do since you weren't eating the stuff or anything, this is pretty sweet!

    • Depending on what's in them, they're not particularly great for you. But pouring the liquid from one glass vessel to another shouldn't pose a problem. Just make sure no kids / pets / overexcited drunks have access to it.

  2. You can achieve the same effect with other ingredients/chemicals without wasting all the plastic of glow sticks. Lots of instructions available online.

      • Here's a basic tutorial:

        You'll likely need to get the chemicals from a chemistry supply house, but the ones featured there are not particularly dangerous / toxic (though some of them are strongly alkaline and should not come in contact with your skin / eyes / pets, so this is a project for grownups only).

        If you're feeling more adventurous a more hardcore version (with nastier chemicals, but brighter glow) can be found at

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        • Just be careful what you do with the reaction and extra chemicals after you're done. The hardcore DIY glow sticks aren't the kind of thing you want to pour down the drain….

          4 agree
          • that's what I just wanted to say as well, what do you do with the liquid aferwards?

            1 agrees
          • A little late to the party, but my suggestion would be to see if there are any schools in your area that have a chemistry/biology department, and find out if they'd have any use for those particular chemicals.

  3. Too cool! This is absolutely amazing, and I love that people have scared up links to less expensive alternatives (theoretically, anyway; I imagine all those premade glowsticks added up quick!)

  4. Be careful breaking glow sticks apart! Most store-bought ones have glass inside, so you'll be dealing with glass shards when you cut them open.

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