From Offbeat Lite to offbeat wedding photographer: Dallas' Mary Cyrus

By on Dec. 30th

Our sponsor Mary Cyrus is a wedding photographer for offbeat couples in Dallas, Texas and beyond. (No, seriously, we mean "WAY beyond," but we'll get into that later.) Mary particularly loves working with couples from Offbeat Bride, because she was half of one such couple while planning her own offbeat wedding. As she put it, "The Offbeat Bride Tribe was my little safe haven on the internet, even if I was arguably 'Offbeat Lite.'"

From Offbeat Lite to offbeat wedding photographer with a special treat for our readers — Mary Cyrus is gonna' rock your wedding, no matter where it is…

Mary Cyrus captures everything that goes down on your wedding day, mostly in a photojournalistic, fly-on-the-wall manner — resulting an adorable photos like this one from Colleen and David's wedding. That's why she includes a free engagement session with all of her wedding packages: — so that y'all can get to know each other before she's discreetly following you around all day on your wedding day.

Remember when I mentioned Mary Cyrus shoots weddings in Dallas "and beyond"? Well, in addition to serving the whole Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, she's shot weddings in Houston, Austin, east Texas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Florida, and Scotland. Yes: Scotland! Just look at the incredible photos from Jada and Jon's wedding. Oh, and Seattleites (particularly those closer to Tacoma) you can benefit from her family connections there, with reduced travel fees!

Matt and Larissa's wedding featuring an AT-AT Walker groom's cake

Matt and Larissa's wedding featuring an AT-AT Walker groom's cake

Based on Mary's view of wedding photography, she's offering a special discount to our readers:

A large part of the satisfaction I get out of my job as a wedding photographer is in knowing that I'm creating family heirlooms, and it's important to me that these photos end up in print (like my grandparents' wedding photos that I cherish)… I don't like to think of your photos languishing on a disc somewhere.

Mary Cyrus is offering a $100 print credit for Offbeat Bride readers whose weddings take place in 2014.

Texans… Seattleites… Offbeat Lites… photo print lovers: Get off your tandem bikes or stilts, and get in touch with Mary Cyrus Photography today!