EnCAPSULATE your wedding day love with these awesome necklaces from Love Capsule Jewelry

By on Nov. 8th

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Looking for an awesome necklace to compliment an event as awesome as your wedding? Our sponsor Love Capsule Jewelry provides, well, capsule jewelry that just may do the trick. These capsule necklaces can be personalized with handwritten love notes (or filthy story… whatever you're into *wink wink*), tucked inside the capsule pendant, and worn all day during your wedding.

These pieces are as meaningful inside as they are purty on the outside…

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Each Love Capsule jewelry piece is made by artisans in New York City in small batches, so they're hand-crafted with that personal touch that makes each capsule pendant super-special. But to make them even more of an fantastic accessory… Love Capsule also hopes to use their jewelry sales to bring awareness to modern day slavery. They'll be contributing proceeds to support the education and empowerment of girls rescued from, or vulnerable to, modern day slavery. Perfect for your charitable weddings, huh?


Love Capsule Jewelry comes in three different collections to help you personalize the hell out of your wedding day necklace:

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Love Capsule Jewelry is the prettiest, sneakiest, most fashionable way to capture your sweet loving feelings for each and keep 'em close to your heart on your wedding day… and forever afterwards! How nice would it be to have the ability to access the love note your partner wrote for you on your wedding day, whenever you need a little mood boost? Well, that awesome necklace you wear around your neck as a daily reminder of your kick-ass wedding is just a twist away from your instant love note mood-booster.

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Oh! Love Capsule Jewelry can also be a great way to show appreciation for your bridal party for their continued love, support and friendship. Love capsules can also be a thoughtful first "paper" wedding anniversary gift. OR they'll make amazing holiday gifts for anyone. And you can give everyone the gift of an instant mood-boster with our special discount:

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So hurry up to snag your wedding necklace from Love Capsule Jewelry at a discount!