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Drag queen-inspired wedding shoes

By on Nov. 22nd

Mimie - Pewter

I have to start here with a big huge snorgly hug for Offbeat Bride Tribe member Inuyatta, who wrote a post on the Tribe about her Jujubee-inspired DIY wedding shoes. Drag queens really do have some extra taste in over-the-top footwear, and today I celebrate not the flats, not the comfort shoes, not the understated vintage-inspired kitten heels… but the huge, the tall, the over-embellished, and over-the-top… including some styles from RuPaul's own line.

Wonderland Wedge - Light Blue

Patriotic Pump - Red Blue Silver
Corset Bow Peep Toe - Leopard Black
Roxxy Heel - Black
SB Kiss - Champagne
Royal Hearts - Turquoise
Honor - Silver Metal
Faricia - Powder Irrid Suede
Vow - Ivory Fabric
Tinseltown - B Pink Rhinestone
Vise - Fuchsia
Blondie - Purple
SB Altar - Silver
SB Shine - Champ Fabric
Gown - Silver Metal

Random bonus shoe

Cottontail Twinkle Heel