Twirling in Tulle wants to turn the kids of your wedding into adorable fluffy fairy princesses

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Got adorable children in your wedding that you want to outfit adorably? Our sponsor Twirling in Tulle has the cutest, fluffiest, dreamiest outfits you'll see today.

In fact, even if you're not looking to dress any small people for your wedding in something custom and fluffy, you may want to sneak a peek at these photos both because there's some epic cuteness happening, and Twirling in Tulle outfits will make awesome holiday gifts for the kids in your life…


Flower girl dress in silver and navy blue tulle

Kathy, the owner and designer behind Twirling in Tulle has a goal: to create awesome children's dresses with colorful flare, personality, and beauty. We whole-heartedly support that goal. Just look at that dress pictured above — polka dots, tulle, and big 'ol bows galore. It oozes fun and adorbz from every fluffy layer!

The "Treasures of Gold" dress is designed using ten layers of gold tulle with soft satin accents and flowers.

All of Twirling in Tulle's flower girl dresses and tutu outfits can be customized to fit newborn babies through size 6 kiddos. D'aw, just imagine all the tulle-covered kids of all ages running around your party like little magical fairies.

"Blue Moon" tulle flower girl and birthday dress.

Each of Twirling in Tulle's dress designs are individually handmade to your exact requests. Or as Kathy puts it, these dresses are made "with a little love wrapped up in each tulle layer, satin bow, and delicate flower." That means: every adorable aformentioned fairy child running around your wedding can match your colors, themes, and styles.

"Harvest Festival" dress in pumpkin and beige tulle.

Finally, the best part of Twirling in Tulle outfits is that these dresses will definitely get worn again… and again… and again by your favoritist kids in the world. Now have Twirling in Tulle take you to matching tulle dress heaven on your wedding day!

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