How are you handling the multiple languages at your wedding?

By on Nov. 8th
our invite

The bilingual wedding invite from Mirka & Tony's wedding.

My future husband's family speaks multiple different languages, but none of them are English. We are inviting his immediate family (a total of about seven people) to the wedding. But most of the people who will be in attendance only speak English.

How do I help my husband's family not feel so left out when the whole ceremony is in English? Our wedsite is in English. And the vows are in English.

I am going to include translated invitation enclosures written in their various languages for their individual invitations. But I don't know what else to do!

Anyone have any ideas on how we can deal with the multiple language barriers? -Rose

We recommend perusing out bilingual wedding archive, full of great suggestions like:

But now it's your turn to give advice! What are the ways in which you dealt with multiple languages amongst your wedding guests?

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