Smiles, kisses, and "love cocoons": Wedding photos from Virginia-based Two Spoons Photography

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Our Virginia-based sponsor, Two Spoons Photography, is another one of our favorite kind of vendor stories. Carly is a former Offbeat Bride-turned-"Southern feminist wedding/love party/engagement/engaygement/commitment ceremony photographer" for offbeat couples living below the Mason-Dixon.

Two Spoons Photography was born when my beau and I tried to put together a magical, non-cheesy, not-overly-polished, lovey-dovey event but it was hard to find a photographer who could see beyond the concept of BRIDE. Although some think that a wedding/love party is all about THE BRIDE, we believe that weddings are all about LOVE: brides, grooms, parents, kids, friends, pets, and all the related messy awesomeness.

Let's talk about why Carly from Two Spoons is your ideal offbeat wedding photographer…

How do we know that Two Spoons is perfect for our readers? Because that's exactly who Carly shoots:

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The reason I cater to non-traditional clients is because I strongly identify with people who are trying to create celebrations of love that are outside the patriarchal, consumerist norm (since I tried to do it myself last year)! It's so much more fun and rewarding to work with couples who are focused on the things they love about one another vs the things they want to buy/do because they think they're supposed to.

Carly's goal as a photographer is to capture those special details, and moments, and smiles, and kisses, and "the love cocoon" that is your special day. And that applies if your "love cocoon" involves a white dress, or overalls, or a keg party bonfire, or a demure brunch wedding. Two Spoons just wants to shoot the things that make your wedding YOUR wedding.

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OFFBEAT OFFER: Two Spoons Photography is offering a FREE professionally-printed, deliciously-beautiful, 10-spread wedding album! Just make sure you let them know you found them on Offbeat Bride when you book Two Spoons Photography.

So what are you waiting for? How many other Southern, feminist, non-traditional, super-accepting, love-cocooning wedding photographers are offering free wedding albums? Snatch up this one right away!

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