Ask a pair of adorable skeletons to be your ushers

By on Oct. 30th

Ushers reporting for duty

Asking real people to be ushers can sometimes be stressful. Real, living humans are unpredictable, ammaright? So, for their wedding, Bix and Kim had a great idea… usher skeletons that just held signs reading:

Welcome to Robert and Kim's wedding.
Wedding programs are here.
Yeah, we're the ushers.
Don't laugh; you're going to end up like us one day!
We're expecting a full house.
Bride side, groom side. It doesn't matter.
Better grab a seat.
Just a reminder, there's no smoking anywhere on the grounds.
Look what smoking did to me.

For more skeletal fun, check out Kim & Bix's Dia de los Muertos, elegant, fiesta wedding,

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