Connecticut couples, make Archive your BPFF (best photographer friend forever)

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Archive is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

Simone is a long-time Offbeat Bride reader and the owner and main photographer of Connecticut's Archive. She's also super-duper awesome. Not only does she take superb pics, but she has an amazing attitude about being a wedding photographer.

Hiring Simone will probably be like hiring your super-talented friend to shoot take your wedding photos. Here's why, in her own sweet words…


On Archive's photography style:

I approach photography like a graphic designer, DIYer, music lover, aspiring cat lady, household Scrabble champion, and the list goes on. I shoot in a photojournalistic style about 99% of the time — I like to keep everything as natural and fun as possible and capture each individual's quirky self. I celebrate uniqueness in every way, right down to that inside joke he tells you that makes you snort.


On getting her clients to loosen up

I won't pose you like little dolls because I want to capture you exactly as you are. But if you have a tough time coming out of your shells, I won't hesitate to throw out a dirty joke!

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On Simone's relationships with her clients

Wanna know if we'd be a perfect fit? You don't take life too seriously and love to laugh. You're crazy on the dance floor and are totally head over heels for each other. Photography is very important to you and not just another number in your budget. I'm also a graphic designer and DIY addict and I squeal if a couple says they're having a DIY wedding.
Laura and Fabian — Germany by way of New York City.

Laura and Fabian — Germany by way of New York City.

Archive's packages start at $2500, and Simone even offers special pricing for town hall and off-season weddings. Contact Archive to shoot your wedding and make Simone your BPFF (best photographer friend forever).

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