A playful backyard-style wedding complete with a Harry Potter bouquet, taquitos, and a piñata

By on Oct. 8th

Are you ready for endless smiles and glee? Because Elba and Brad's Walnut Creek, California wedding is going to send 'em on over. These two got married at the Shadeland Ranch Museum and had one of the brightest, most colorful and fun weddings around — the festivities included freeing candy from a star-shaped piñata and drinking tons of home brewed beer (the photographer tells us it was amazing).

If you're looking closely, you'll see two awesome things: Elba and Brad each have tattoos for rings (she has a B and he has an E) and Elba let her hardcore Harry Potter nerding take over and MADE her bouquet out of pages of one of the books. I spent about ten minutes trying to make out the words to figure out which book it was, but could only find "Muggle." Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll tell us!


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