Keep your wedding cake forever (no freezer necessary) with Aberrant Ornaments

By on Sep. 13th

Aberrant Ornaments

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Remember earlier this week when I wondered how anyone could eat a cake this awesome? Because after you eat your amazingly-prepared, eye-popping, fantastically personalized wedding cake… it's just GONE!

That's why I'm super-stoked about our sponsor Aberrant Ornaments. Their goal is to help couples keep the memory of their wedding cake alive for a lifetime — no freezing necessary.

Here's how:

From just a few photographs, Aberrant Ornaments hand-sculpts an exact, one-of-a-kind miniature clay-replica of the cake that was such a special part of your event. Yes, photographs of cakes are also forever, but Aberrant Ornaments brings your sweet-ass dessert back to life where it can be held (and viewed in 3D!), hung (Christmas ornament?), or displayed as a sweet little reminder of your very first day of marriage (awwww).

I just can't even deal with this cuteness!

Tiny purple calla lillies WUT!?

Each 3D piece is also very lightweight, with a tiny loop on the top, should you want to hang it somewhere.

Hell, if you can get a photo of what your cake is GOING to look like, you could have Aberrant Ornaments make you a cake replica cake topper. Top your cake with… your cake!

It's like cake inception … cake all the way down.

Aberrant Ornaments' adorable cake replicas would also make awesome gifts for your newlywed friends, housewarmings, first holidays together with your sweetie, anniversaries, pretty much any time you want to makes someone's heart melt like sugary buttercream icing.

Ooh ooh, and did you know that they can actually take a black and white photo of an older cake and sculpt a full color ornament with just a little extra information? How cute would that be for your parents anniversary gift? Ugh, the adorable just oozes from Aberrant Ornaments.

All of you folks with amazing cakes need to do yourselves a favor and save those sweets forever!

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