Tribesmaid withdrawal support group: together, we can make it until Monday [open thread]

By on Sep. 6th

tribesmaid supportAs y'all know, we are recovering from our longest downtime in our 7 years online. We've been working feverishly pretty much non-stop for over 36 hours to get the Offbeat Empire back online.

While the Offbeat Bride blog here at is fully functioning, (our forums, a relatively small corner of Offbeat Bride) is not. The Tribe is the Offbeat Empire's most complex website, and the sad news is that given this complexity (and the fact that we want our developer Kellbot to actually have a weekend, after working straight for 20 hours) the Tribe will be offline until Monday, September 9th.

We are so incredibly sorry about the delay in getting the forums back online, but we figured it's better to wait a couple days than to launch with a half-broken site.

In sympathy, we're posting this Tribesmaid withdrawals open thread. Let's drown our sorrows together, ask your questions, and give each other advice… Together, we'll make it to Monday!

PS: if non-Tribe members have been wondering what the Offbeat Bride Tribe is like, this thread will give you some indication. :)

Update 6am PST Monday September 9th

We're back online! See y'all on the Tribe. :)

If you have any trouble accessing the Tribe, clear your browser's cache and then click here.