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By on Sep. 26th

Every once in while, we notice a particular topic that has a crazy spike — it's the phrase that most brides are searching for. Or it's the topic that's suddenly pinned everywhere. It's the topic that basically dominates our most-read posts for the month. This month? That trending topic is VOWS.

How to write your wedding vows

We've got a ton of great posts about writing your wedding vows, and more generally, how to structure your ceremony. Check out a few of these:

Cute twists on vows

Because sometimes you just want to make your vows feel a little bit off-kilter, y'know? Here are a few ideas…

  • Do rock-paper-scissors to see who does their vows first.

Thanks to rcarver for the photo!

Examples of other people's vows

[related-post align="right"]When it comes to writing your vows, sometimes you just need to glean a little inspiration from the Offbeat Brides who've come before you: