Trending topic: #vows

By on Sep. 26th

Every once in while, we notice a particular topic that has a crazy spike — it's the phrase that most brides are searching for. Or it's the topic that's suddenly pinned everywhere. It's the topic that basically dominates our most-read posts for the month. This month? That trending topic is VOWS.

How to write your wedding vows

We've got a ton of great posts about writing your wedding vows, and more generally, how to structure your ceremony. Check out a few of these:

Cute twists on vows

Because sometimes you just want to make your vows feel a little bit off-kilter, y'know? Here are a few ideas…

  • Do rock-paper-scissors to see who does their vows first.

Thanks to rcarver for the photo!

Examples of other people's vows

When it comes to writing your vows, sometimes you just need to glean a little inspiration from the Offbeat Brides who've come before you: