How do I STOP planning the wedding?

By on Sep. 27th

But the little bird nest ring holders would be so perfect! Photo by CinEmotion

Most of my wedding planning is done. There's not much left really, except the minor things that will get wrapped up right before… but I feel like there is so much left to do and keep getting the urge to add more, and more!

I try to remind myself that we are on a budget and what we got already is fine… but then why do I want to add, for instance, photos or drawings of us around the venue? I am stuck in bridal over-planning mode!

How do I STOP organizing and planning and take a step back? Is this just feeling that will linger until the final days where I can actually SEE things come together? -cilitra

Our first suggestion is to read this post: When to stop looking at wedding porn. But we're sure other Offbeat Bride readers have more ideas…

How do you know when it's time to step back and stop making more work for yourself? And how do you ACTUALLY stop the wedding planning obsession once it's started?

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