Use Facebook to "shame" your guests into RSVPing

By on Sep. 19th

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 12.08.10 PMOkay okay, we don't really advocate Facebook shaming. And we totally think Facebook sucks, especially when you're getting married. But, Tribesmaid Stephanienjer did use Facebook to get a leg up on her guests who weren't RSVPing:

Everyone has RSVP woes, I know. The problem is that my deadline for RSVP was four days away, and out of 240 people invited, I could only account for 70. I decided the easiest thing to do (even though it probably wasn't proper) was a Facebook post stating this fact. I then said that with only one week to go, I guess my mailbox will be flooded every day this week.

I didn't personally call out my guests, but they called themselves out publicly on my Facebook newsfeed. Out of 240 invitees, I only am short about 25 now. Not too shabby!

Improper? Probably. Effective? Yup.

But if time is on your side, and you want to avoid Facebook on all accounts you could always utilize this cute, non-aggressive, way to remind your guests to send those errant RSVPs.

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