Your groom should feel like a fancy princess too!

Guestpost by Rae Rae on Aug. 1st

While shopping for his outfit, my future husband goes straight for the shoes that cost twice as much as my dress did. (It was a complete "bargain," but still…) And we had a slightly tense conversation about budget and finance.

Like an evil-but-sensible Bridezilla, I say no to the beautiful shoes.

We continued to search all day, and I tried to make him settle for some less-beautiful shoes. I felt terrible because the original shoes were the first thing that he had felt and showed mucho-emotion about in the groom's clothes department.

Then my bridesmaid pointed out that if it was the bride saying "I want to spend X amount on shoes because they're perfect and wonderful, and they'll make me feel just like a princess." Then everyone, including the groom, would be telling the bride to JUST BUY THEM!

At which point I threw caution to the wind and we bought his dream shoes.

It's so easy to let the day be "all about the bride." But it was worth spending that extra money, for that smile on my partner's face. THAT was priceless.

Now we have both been jumping around the house in our wedding shoes since we got home. It's amazing to share that "I'm getting married, I'm like a real-life princess, and I feel so fancy" feeling with him.

So don't forget the wedding is about both of you, and don't forget to make the groom feel like a fancy princess too!

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