This is what Kermit and Miss Piggy's themed wedding looks like!

August 28 |


Offbeat Bride Sarah and her new husband Tim had a straight-up Kermit and Miss Piggy-themed wedding. Now we've seen Muppet weddings before, but this is the first time we've seen a very specific Muppet wedding.

Let's check out what a Kermit and Piggy-themed wedding reception looks like…

OMG the Kermit tie!
My husband and I actually eloped in 2012, but we were really excited to get the chance to have a big reception for our one year anniversary. We really connect with Kermit & Piggy because I'm tall and fat and my husband is short and skinny. Plus, I'm the loud one, and I love glitter and pink.


Even the groom's parents got in on the color scheme! Digging that pink tuxedo shirt.
Our colors were hot pink, bubblegum, lime, and green. I tried to have the decor be as mix-and-match and fun as possible.