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30 vintage-style wedding dresses to turn your day into a drool-fest

By on Jul. 26th

Aisle Be There Dress in Lily from ModClothI know you're probably waiting for your funky shoe fix from Ariel today, but bitch is on vacay.

So I thought I'd fill in with MY favorite part of the wedding outfit… the dress!

Did you know that Modcloth has got a huge selection of vintage-inspired wedding looks? I grabbed some of my favorite of their wedding dress styles to collectively drool over today. The dresses range from short and flirty, to long and glittery, with some bright colors thrown in, because who says ya gotta wear white?

Let's dive in and see how they fit, shall we?

(And, as always, click on any of the dresses that catch your eye to find out more info!)

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