How do you fight wedding decision fatigue?

By on Jul. 30th
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Photo of Bethany's wedding by Durbam Rhame

While trying to organize everything for our wedding, I feel so overwhelmed with options that I have become very indecisive about things.

How did you come to a decision on anything from theme, colors, dress, guest gifts, etc.? Was it hard after to not compare it to other options? How often did you change your mind before coming to final decision?

Any advice on staying content with choices I've made? -saracast

Dude, decision fatigue is no joke. Symptoms include reduced ability to make trade-offs and decision avoidance on the one hand, and then impulse buying on the other hand. Ack! Sometimes you just have to go with your gut and remember that there's never one "right" decision — there's just the one you pick. Make a choice, and then move on!

We also highly, HIGHLY recommend knowing when to say when… sometimes it's time to take a break from wedding planning.

How do you deal with decision fatigue and find contentment with the choices you've made in your wedding planning?