Electric, pink, octopus-themed, Burner wedding fashions to blow your tentacles away

By on Jun. 17th

The Empire ladies lost their collective minds upon first look at the wedding photos of Tribesmaid MizAnna and her "husfriend" C.A.L. from their Chapel Arts wedding in Vancouver, BC. From the tops of her pink tentacle-crowned head and his turquoise-accented top hat to their fashionable feet, these two are making us weak in the knees.

Just wait until you see her whole outfit and peep his black suit with the surprise design on the back…

We asked, nay begged, MizAnna for the details on all her fashions. She was nice enough to divulge:

The headpiece was made by Cara Trinder of Hysteria Machine on Etsy. She customized the teal and silver. She was easily one of the best sellers I've ever worked with.

My bustle, skirt, halter, and Cal's jacket were made by a Burner friend of ours… It is amazing. And the green tendrils of my dress and piping of my halter light up, as does the outline of the octopus.

Wanna see some bonus shoe action? Of course you do…

Irregular Choice "Abigail's Party" shoes!

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