Offbeat Bride and the Chicago Tribune talk non-traditional honeymoons

By on Jun. 21st


Aaron and me on our ocean-loving honeymoon.

This week we decided to move our real honeymoon profiles over to Offbeat Home. It's also the week that the Chicago Tribune featured an interview with me about non-traditional honeymoons.

Offbeat Empire associate publisher Megan Finley sees the alternative honeymoon as a reflection of a larger willingness to question wedding conventions.

"Just because when someone says 'honeymoon' most people think of their toes in the sand and a drink in their hand, doesn't mean you have to book a tropical vacation. Unless you and your partner love the ocean, surfing, snorkeling and sunbathing! Then the tropics are the way to go," Finley said in an email interview. "But never because 'that's just how it's done.'"

The article also features me dishing the details of some of our past non-traditional honeymoon features.

Which brings me to this: If you're thinking about honeymoon plans, you should totally revisit our real honeymoon profiles on Bride, or our travel features on Home. If you've already had your offbeat honeymoon… quick, head over to our new travel submission page and start dishing the details!

Let's talk non-traditional honeymoons! What are YOUR plans?

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