Offbeat bachelorette party ideas: the second coming

By on Jun. 26th

Yep, those are the dudes in the front.

Inspired by a recent comment on the paintball hen's party adventure, I thought I'd showcase some more offbeat bachelorette party ideas. Because Kelsey's idea sounds like a shit-ton of fun:

Me and my boys play paintball all the time. This is such an awesome idea. We play on our own fields, but it would be awesome to do groom vs bride paintball day. Except the boys are in the gowns and the girls are in cheap tuxes!

Not down with shooting your bridal party, even if they're dressed in vintage-ugly drag? No worries, we got a lot bachelorette party ideas that don't involve plastic penises:

Throw a panty party

Photo by Jenny Jimenez

Over on Offbeat Home, Alissa wrote about her unconventional party idea that turned into an awesome annual "holiday" — for the ladies only. And we thought, hell, this sounds like this would make for a BAD ASS bachelorette party idea.

Take a plunge

Are you looking to celebrate by enjoying a good adrenaline rush with friends? Take a plunge before taking the plunge by going skydiving, ziplining, deep sea diving, or bungie jumping with your buds.

A day at the museum

Are you the type that wants less adrenaline rush and more brain stimulation? Have fun learning new things and playing with the exhibits at your local science museum. Or sign up to take a guided tour at your favorite art museum.

Beerlorette party

bride ale

Thanks to Tribesmaid Lindyshoes for uploading this homemade wedding brew to our Flickr pool. Photo by Becca Riedell.

From the moment Offbeat Bride reader Eureka introduced us to the concept of the beerlorette party, I was in love. Beer tasting at your favorite brewery? Pub crawl through town? Brewing your own beer at home to enjoy at the wedding later? Beer and buddies = fun.

Fun in the sun

Just chill the fuck out at the beach, or at a park for the day. Pack tons of food, drinks, games, and sunblock, and have a blast.

Go retro

We featured this '50s housewife-themed bridal shower, but you could totally use the same idea and turn it into a '50s-themed bachelorette party. Wear your favorite retro frocks, eat finger foods, and party the night away Mad Men-style.

Throw a children's party for grown-ups

Go karts, batting cages, mini golf, arcades, amusement parks: Kids know how to party, man. I remember going to the coolest places to celebrate my childhood friends' milestones. Why stop driving go karts just because you can legally drive a car? Buy balloons and a goofy pre-decorated sheet cake and celebrate your bachelorette party the way you would have celebrated your birthday back in the day.

Take in a burlesque show

In Whedonesque Burlesque, you get to see Saffron seduce Mal once more.

In Whedonesque Burlesque, you get to see Saffron seduce Mal once more.

Maybe you wanna go more "adult" with your entertainment. Who says that the girly strip teases should only be enjoyed by the boys? I know a whole lot of ladies who love a good burlesque show.

If you're in Seattle and you're into nerd culture you could check out WhedonesqueBurlesque. Perhaps you can track down a subculture-themed burlesque show in your town?

Take advantage of existing events

Does a local pub host a trivia night? Or a bowling alley that also has karaoke? What about a restaurant that also features a drag night, or other live entertainment? If you're not the planning type, take advantage of pre-planned activities at local establishments and let the entertainment come to you!

Stuff your faces

Keep it simple and host a nice, sit-down dinner, or a potluck. Let the food do all the entertaining. This option is perfect for foodie brides. Make reservations at her favorite restaurant, and at the end of the night, have everyone but the bride split the bill. Easy. No clean up. No money anxieties. No problem!

Roast the bride

Don't want to watch a performance? Is your crew the theatrical type that would rather BE the performance? Awesome. Host a bridal roast. Have everyone invited prepare to lovingly poke fun at the bride. I did this for a bachelor party where everyone in attendance were musicians, so everyone did a musical roast of the groom. Of course, setting your roasts to music is not necessary, as long as your subject isn't TOO sensitive and all your jests are coming from a place of love. Good times!

What are YOUR non-traditional, no plastic penis-involved bachelorette party ideas? I wanna hear MOAR!

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