How my budget app just altered the way I view my wedding

Guestpost by Jillianbeanns on Jun. 20th

File my purchase of the wedding day rainbow unicorn under "amusements." (Photo by: Daniel X. O'Neil)

Overall, my planning process has been pretty calm so far. But I have been checking and re-checking my wedding budget spreadsheet weekly — especially the estimates vs actual money spent. Then checking into my bank accounts and configuring and conspiring how to make sure I am getting the most bang for my (lots of) bucks.

I am not the first, nor will I be the last that spends a good deal of valid energy on a wedding. But something happened yesterday, thanks to an app, that helped remind me of the fun of wedding planning.

My budgeting app takes all my spending and savings accounts and gives me a daily snapshot. It also has a monthly budgeting section — you get to decide what your goal is for "groceries," "shopping," etc. And it lets you know how you are doing in each category. I spent a lot this month on wedding-related things, and wanted to weed out those purchases from the others since these are not really indicative of my regular spending habits.

I found a category called "Amusement" and put those purchases under that title.


It falls under the bigger heading of "Entertainment." But for me, it just completely reiterated how all of this wedding spending is for my own amusement in getting to plan my fun special snowflake party.

It's amusing and entertaining and it's supposed to be fun. No need to fret over the shade of the tablecloths — it's for our amusement! If it is not amusing to me, it's not happening at the wedding, because labeling it under that title would be lying — to myself and to what we want!

And now I'm looking forward to more amusement.

Are you using a budgeting app? Have you found it helpful in "amusing" and fascinating ways? Has it influenced your wedding spending?

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