New wedding ring styles from Brent&Jess, the geniuses behind the fingerprint rings!

By on May. 24th

diamondringIt's been a while since we caught up with Brent&Jess, our longtime sponsor and maker of gorgeous eco-friendly wedding rings.

Remember when we first introduced you to their custom fingerprint rings, and they totally went viral based on sheer awesomeness? Then we told you about their newest designs which not only incorporated your fingerprints, but also your handwriting.

Now Brent&Jess is back again, this time with even more gorgeous ring designs full of your personality. Check these babies out, and if you see something that makes you make your HOLY WHUT IS THIS MAGIC face, just click to learn more about the style:

widerosegoldbjWhile the original fingerprint wedding band is still offered in sterling silver, Brent&Jess have expanded their line to include their fingerprint jewelry in gold, palladium, and platinum. I love this one in a gorgeous rose gold. (I feel like rose gold is the punk rock rebel of the gold family.)

with gold linesOh, but you don't have to choose just one metal. Brent&Jess have awesome wedding bands with a contrasting stripe, like this white gold ring with a yellow gold stripe.

rosegolddiamondOf course, I'm a fan of their new engagement ring styles, cuz I loves me some bling. My favorite is the narrow ring with a tiny diamond like this one.

loveyoutoosetbjBrent&Jess also makes ring shopping super-easy with their matching ring sets. Textured, hammered, rings with your handwriting — Brent&Jess has the perfect wedding ring set to fill you and your partners hearts with wedding band lust.

Brent&Jess is a tiny independent company in Maine, and they make all their rings with the environment and their local economy in mind. This means that not only do you get remarkably awesome, totally unique jewelry from these guys, but you also get some warm fuzzies to hold you close through those dark nights of wedding planning.

So when you're ready to start the fingerprinting, ring-making, warm-fuzzy feelings, you know where to click.