Gorgeous, sturdy, and Earth-friendly hammered wedding bands from Isabel Jewelry

By on Apr. 2nd


Our sponsor Isabel Rucker lives and runs her jewelry business in a small town in Wyoming's Rocky Mountains. Being close to nature continually feeds her inspiration, as well as her desire to be environmentally-friendly. Her shop, Isabel Jewelry, provides hammered rings made of 100% recycled golds and sterling silver.

I picture Isabel Jewelry rings being ideal for mountain brides looking for hammered ring to match their Earthy aesthetics. Or those of you who need a ring that can survive a kayak trip, while still looking chic at a dinner party. Let's explore her sturdy-but-purty hammered rings, and learn the difference between regular, round, and tiger stripe hammers!

8mm wide, 14K yellow gold hammered ring, "Regular Hammer" pattern.

I LOVE the hammered pattern on this ring. This is one of the three different hammering patterns that Isabel creates.

Isabel Jewelry also features non-hammered rings, including ones with gemstones, stackable rings, and wood grain pattern I have a feeling you'll love.

Did you know that, aside from the awesome patterns that hammering creates, the process also makes the rings super-strong? That means these are great wedding bands if you're like me and you're hard on your jewelry. Isabel's hammered rings won't bend or break, and she guarantees her jewelry for life.

As I mentioned before, Isabel is very eco-conscious about her jewelry:

About the recycled metals: Isabel Jewelry purchases precious metals from a mill that specializes in using only Earth's existing metal supply, meaning that this mill does not buy metals from mining companies. When it is necessary to obtain metals from other sources, they are bought from other earth-friendly refineries that only use recycled metal. Any secondary refinery is required to provide in writing full disclosure of its metal sources.

Isabel-Jewelry-Ad-02 Isabel custom makes all her hammered rings. This means you can get them in whatever widths, size, and thicknesses that fits your active lifestyle. Or whatever gold karats or gemstones that fit your budget!

Your gorgeous, sturdy, and Earth-friendly Isabel Jewelry wedding band is just waiting for you to click here to have it made!