Send your guests on a geeky scavenger hunt

By on Apr. 19th Photos by PS Davis
Scavenger hunt cards

Photo by PS Davis

Heather and Davis have a nerdy side and wanted to get everyone in on some geek-tastic fun during their cocktail hour. Here's what they did:

We had an undercover nerd scavenger hunt during the cocktail hour. We gave the guests a sheet with clues on it, and hid some of our nerdy possessions like a TARDIS and a Gandalf bobblehead throughout the decorations, which they had to find. For our guests who were not as nerdy, we played BINGO.

I found Gandalf!

You shall not eat the bridal party's nibbles

You shall not…. eat the bridal party's nibbles

What fun times might you have planned for your guests?

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