Brisbane's York Street Creative has TWO discounts for our awesome readers

By on Apr. 19th

YorkStCreative-OBB-5Okay, can we all take some time to do a collected "WHOAMYGAWD" over this amazing photo from our sponsor York Street Creative? Because this epic wedding photo of epicness deserves its moment in the sun… on a Norwegian cliff… over the water… in wedding attire. Dayum. And what's even more impressive: this is a photo of Matt, the Creative Director of York Street Creative, and his wife Lee.

These Brisbane, Australia-based photographers shot their own Norwegian elopement! So, Aussies and lovers of all things awesome: Do you want wedding photos this incredible? York Street Creative wants to shoot your offbeat weddings so much that they're offering TWO kinds of special discounts…

Matt and Lee have a solid background in live music photography. In fact, they met in a photo pit while photographing local bands! The great thing about rock 'n' roll photographers-turned-wedding photographers is that they have some sweet skills. They can capture not only the visual drama, but the mood of a scene, and the split-second moments that might otherwise be missed. (See: that brief second that your uncle gives bunny ears to your aunt before the ceremony.)

Cara-Bruce-Wedding-15York Street Creative is allllll about offbeat weddings. Like Cara and Bruce's wedding shown above. (How much do you love that black gown!?) And they are also completely supportive of same-sex relationships.

We hope that one day Australian couples can join in same-sex marriage. Until then we would love to be part of any ceremony or celebration you have, or join you internationally. When things change for the better here, we would love to be part of that too.


Australian brides, we know you feel like you don't get enough love here. But York Street Creative is changing that with not one, but TWO awesome discounts…

The Awesome Discount: York Street Creative offers discounts for awesome photo ideas. This can range from simply having a jumpy castle at one's wedding, to swimming with jellyfish engagement shoot off the island of Palau. Contact them for more details. Can't think of an idea? They also post their own creative requests on their Facebook page and offer discounts to anyone who will take them up on the idea.

The Offbeat Bride discount: But they also know that our readers are already awesome, so their giving you all 10% off when you mention seeing them on Offbeat Bride.

So are you ready awesome people of Australia (or dwellers of any place Australians can travel). Get your thinking caps on, your crazy wedding plans out, and whip up some wedding photo awesomeness with York Street Creative!

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