Unicorns, zombies, and wedding photography with Edmonton-based Jonathan Liaw

By on Apr. 5th


Jonathan Liaw is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

Our sponsor Jonathan Liaw describes himself as "an adventure-seeking, moment-loving, unicorn-riding, self-confessed geek with a camera for hire." Clearly, this guy fits right in with all us moment-loving, adventure-seeking, unicorn-loving geeks. So if you live in Alberta allow me to introduce you to your future wedding photographer. Because we LOVE our Canadian readers, and we've found you someone else who loves you too!

Hey, even if you're not Canadian, you may still just be curious to find out what unicorns, zombies, rap, and Canadian Tire money have to do with awesome wedding photography…

2012.07.07_izzio-yam-wedding_195329Do your wedding plans consist of things like rapped wedding vows and a reception featuring a Power Point presentation? If so, Jonathan Liaw is the photographer who will totally encourage that kind of behavior…

I love clients with personality — people that are not afraid to show who they are and express it openly. If your wedding vows are in rap? (Been there, was awesome.) All the more power to you. If your ideal wedding is on your family's farm rather than in a stuffy church? Totally down too. Really, whatever expresses "YOU" the most, me and my camera will be there, right beside you.


Most of Jonathan's work isn't comprised of pose-y, staged shots. He's a wizard at capturing the real moments. In fact, he has a whole section devoted to fleeting seconds of intensity, silliness, or sweetness that a talented photographer can capture on film forever. But don't worry, Jonathan can rock the formals as well.


Jonathan Liaw's pricing start at $2700, and he's super-upfront about ALL of his photography pricing. Of course, as he notes on his site all prices are in Canadian dollars — "No Canadian Tire money please." (I totally had to look that up! Oh you Canadians.)


Seriously, his website is full of hidden gems of awesome. For example, when you contact him today you'll have to answer the question "Quick, there are zombies everywhere! What do you do?!" Get your answer prepared and click here!

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